Enter The Void: Loop launches new state-of-the-art sound system

Void Acoustics

Void Acoustics Air Motion Array

Audiophiles, tune selectors, dance floor enthusiasts and weekend warriors rejoice… Our favourite lil club has invested in some serious auditory artillery and it sounds amaaaaazing!

As far as audio systems go, there are favourites across the globe that always spring up in people’s minds. Brands like Funktion One have become (rave) household names and big systems with big sound enchant all whom cross their paths. Whilst the average punter just wants it to be loud, all those in the know understand that the real magic being done when the system is tuned perfectly to suit the venue for which it is installed. With this in mind, the lovely folk at Loop went speaker shopping and when they surveyed their options there was only one that would perfect the sound at their venue, Void Acoustics.

Void’s globally renowned sound systems, with their distinctive red speakers, are currently installed at electronic institutions like Ibiza’s DC10. High-end systems engineered to not only fill the space but also to never compromise on sound quality. The installation at Loop has come about through extensive planning and testing which will mean that the volume will increase as the arrangement holds the sound where it needs to be… on the dance floor.

J-Slyde and Simon Murphy were invited down to the launch of the system and took their Mahala pal Dave Juric along to see just how good it sounded. All agreed that there is a remarkable difference and each of the lads was licking their lips at the chance to play some tunes on the new system. The sound is crisp, clear and with further improvements already planned, it’s only going to get better.

Luckily for us this Saturday plays host to our debut on the new system as we welcome Melbourne legend Phil K for the feature set of the evening. Mish’Chief and Sebastian Wild round out the guests lineup with the usual Prognosis residents, J-Slyde, Simon Murphy and Aaron Static, in tow, along with vdmo Kstati providing mind-bending visuals for the duration. The team are ready to give the new sound system one serious working, so make sure you come down this weekend to experience the amazing sound in person.

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