For those that aren’t too keen on forking over a measly $10 for Mixed Substance we’ve got 5 free passes to give away. To win yourselves one all you have to do is answer this simple question:

What is your favourite Substance?

Simply reply in the comment field at the bottom of this page with your answer. The 5 most creative entries will score FREE entry for themselves and glist entry for whoever else they bring along on the night. Keep your entries clean and inventive!

Entries drawn Friday 10th September!
Winners will be notified via Email, so please ensure you use correct details.


11 Responses to “Win FREE tickets to MIXED SUBSTANCE!”

  • Nugget

    H20 – I can drink it and it keeps me going all night! I can also swim in it and cool off or throw it on my friends for fun. It also cleans me and my clothes and dishes! I love H20!!

  • Phillus-K

    Fave substance? AIR. Cause we all need it to live!

  • Fleur

    Vegemite… cause… I’m a happy little Vegemite
    As bright as bright can be.
    We all enjoy our Vegemite
    For breakfast, lunch, and tea.
    My mummy says I’m growing stronger
    Every single week,
    Because I love my Vegemite –
    I adore our Vegemite –
    It puts a rose in every cheek.

  • nazmoo

    the substance that results in me creating a stack of fiddy cents by the bar 😉

  • Luke

    techno sub(sis)stance

  • Mike

    My favorite substance is Baconaise because every sandwich should taste like bacon.

    Nom nom mmmm Bacon!!!

  • James C

    Uranium 235 because it glows and comes in cake

  • Rowan M

    Kryptonite! Everyone knows that super villains throw the best parties. But no amount of drugs can save your night when superman comes to crash the party! But a healthy dose of kryptonite in your pocket will keep the ‘hero’ at bay until YOU are ready to stop partying. Also chromium. Cause it sounds cool

  • My favorite substance is, without a doubt, fluff. Whether it be purple fluff covering the inside of your hippie shaggin’ wagon, leopard-print fluff on the hood of your bush-doof psy-wear rave jacket, the sheepskin fluff inside your Dandenong-Special-edition moccasins, or the fluff that you expertly speak to randoms at a rooftop Substance party in spring, fluff comes in handy for a variety of uses, and always seems to be sufficiently warm, inviting, and colorful wherever you find it.

  • The Ache

    My favourite sub-stance involves me climbing atop the bass stack of speakers, pulling the bottom of my t-shirt through the neck hole and gyrating my hips in time to “Jackie”. (nipple tassles are optional of course)
    Clearly the best stance you can have on a sub…and the most sexy of course!

  • Steve

    My favourite substance is a little know conconction dating back to the 16th Century. The umacabooma indians used it for all sorts of uses from medicine to a natural high.
    The substance is known to the indians as hittyatitty juice and is made using a base of 4 week fermented fly urine. Mixed with the toenails of a chicken and the lice of 1000 camels. All stirred up with milk from 64 breasts.

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