Thats it thats all… for more than awhile

After just under 10 years behind the decks, countless genres explored and so many amazing parties I’m officially hanging up my full time DJ/ Promoters hat. I have had an amazing time all through my career, especially the last 4 years but for me, my interest in dance music has fallen by the wayside. I’m not going to do the cliché rant of “The music has changed or the people have changed.” Cause the music has progressed and I haven’t and I’m cool with that. For a long time now the whole events thing has been a bit taxing, especially having to balance workloads and my ambition to progress “At the moment” just isn’t there, well not in the DJ sphere/ club sphere anyway. When I first came up with the idea for Substance I was living up in Sydney after an intense three years spinning in the hard trance scene and after hustling up Jordz, Rich and Simon to join me and sharing the idea, it became clear it was always going to be for the fun. Unfortunately it really isn’t now, for me anyway.

I’ll still be involved with Substance behind the scenes. Doing the write up’s and articles, as one of my main reasons for finishing up is to focus more in my writing, both articles and music (mouka first project is the Confide!). I may even pop in and play a cheeky set once every six/ twelve months. I’m hoping to play a couple of sets as farewell’s so will keep everyone posted.

There are a few thank you’s I’d like to put out there for the last 10 years. First of all Andrew Golden, Garth Lategan and Kane Liistro. Andy without your help I would never have become a resident at all of the club’s I held residencies at especially Kandy back in the day, I always loved Elevation and ETB and thank you for the lessons, skills learnt.  Kane thank you soooo much for the support when I was first starting out, you landed me my first ever gig and I’ll be eternally thankful. Garth, you to promoted me and helped me get my name back in the day, what you used to do made so many people happy be it DJ’s, punters or the people that worked for you.  My old manager Grant, thank you for all the promotion back in the day, especially the Online and Onboard parties.

Luke @ 3D thank you so much for all of those gig’s starting out,  my first club gigs were amazing, especially the main room sets, the experience I learned from your venue was invaluable. Scotty and Kelsta…OMG the best year of my life was playing at Billboards and I have nothing but love for the both of you for the main room love @ both billboards and RMH whilst being a resident there, GK and Kryal were epic fun! Finally in the early years, Brendan AKA “ Soul-T” dude you got rocks!  Your an amazing promoter and back in the day a real mentor to me, nothing but respect for you.

Finally current day! Massive thank you to Jordz, Rich, Mouka, Simon and all of the guests (well not all of them, to be quite frank a couple of guests we have had fall under the word C$%t. You know who you are, actually you probably don’t!) that have played for us for kicking the dream with me at Substance. Thanks for the awesome memories and times, be it Soft belly, Highlander or the Terminus. I want to personally thank Jordz for really turning my half baked Idea into a reality, without you I doubt it would still be kicking the goals it is. I look forward to seeing the revolution continue from the back seat. Importantly all of my friends and my mum and dad who have supported my music at any stage, Thank you so much for all of the good times.

Rockin it!

Taran M

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  • [as posted on facebook]
    Big ups bro for being the strong willed person that you are. You’ve shown immense strength with making this decision. I wont lie, im sad that you’re leaving and will dearly miss having you as my wing-man. Things just wont be the same without you. Safe to say that i’ve never had a working relationship that went as smoothly as ours. Not one serious fight or disagreement over the 4ish years we’d been running Substance. A well-oiled machine to say the least. People say you can’t mix friendship with work… god knows we proved that one wrong 🙂

    But i totally understand that this decision is for the best and i commend and support it in full. I look back fondly at the past years we shared together and smile. The moments we’ve shared, parties we’ve run, places we’ve been, all because of Substance… geez man, it’s heart warming and really humbling to look back at where we started all those years ago at Softbelly. Who would’ve thought we’d have so much fun and accomplish so much? So happy that you’ve allowed me to be apart of it all mate.

    I could go on, but i’ll stop there.
    All the best with your future endeavors bro!

  • Dave Juric

    best of luck with everything mate!

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