Important ‘Nosis News

by J-Slyde

It is with mixed emotions that we share the following update: After 5+ years calling Loop our home, Prognosis will no longer be held at the venue. Long story short, the venue has fallen victim to city dwellers and their misguided mission to silence the very music venues that helped make Melbourne the vibrant cultural hub it is today.

When we started Loop we had a fairly clear vision but no idea whether others would embrace what we were offering. We wanted to shine a spotlight on local legends who inspired us musically, carefully crafting line ups and set times that encouraged creative expression through sound. This of course, was accompanied by fully immersive visual wizardry from some of Australia’s best.

To our genuine surprise, the Prognosis brand fairly rapidly cemented a solid legion of like-minded punters that have filled Loop at each and every event. The passionate dance floor devotees that have supported us along this amazing journey are the reason we have continued to run events.

Loop has been an amazing supporter of electronic music, offering crews like ours the chance to grow and thrive. The unique space provides a blank audio visual canvas for creatives to turn ideas into reality and we have loved hosting events there.

We would like to thank every single punter, DJ, live act, VJ, staff member that has ever attended or been involved with Nosis over the years. Whilst there are far too many to name, the contributions of all are eternally appreciated. You helped make our humble little event magical.

So what does this mean for Prognosis?

In the short term, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with our close-knit family of crews with whom we are blessed to work with on a regular basis. Stay tuned for some announcements soon. In the long term, we are on the lookout for opportunities to colloborate and potentially for a new home. If you know of a venue that you think may fit our sound, crowd and vision, please get in touch.

So what does this mean for Loop?

They’re in quite an unfortunate position in regards to sound which means fairly significant changes to their booking schedule. Whilst adding further soundproofing may help keep the peace with neighbours, the venue will no longer be able to host events like ours. This does present new opportunities for crews pushing different ideas or genres that aren’t as heavy on the electronic music tip. If this is you, hit them up.

Once again, we thank every single person who has supported us over the years. We are humbled, blessed and inspired by the incredible times we have shared. See you all soon!

As a chance to reflect on the past 5 amazing years, below we’ve put together Soundcloud set lists of a selection of our live recordings and official Promo Mixes. Listening through all of these have brought back some beautiful memories. Memories we hope that you were able to share with us. Memories we look forward to replicating in the not-too-distant future.

J-Slyde & Simon Murphy

Prognosis Crowd Shot

TECHNOSIS – April 16th @ LOOP

by J-Slyde


Technosis April 2016

After celebrating our HUGE 2nd birthday in February which kicked on till dawn, the Prognosis krew are back with their next round of TECHNO shenanigans under the TECHNOSIS banner…

Featuring some heavy hitters in the techno world in Caine Sinclair and Lica plus long time dance floor dominator ONL, this is set to be a SOLID night of techno, elaborate dance moves and bar demolition!



Caine Sinclair
Simon Murphy
Aaron Static


vdmo Kstati

// WHEN:

Saturday, 16th April. 10pm – LATE


Loop Project Space & Bar – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD





by J-Slyde

Technosis Oct 17th 2015 set times

Technosis - October 17th 2015 Eflyer


After a MONSTER maiden voyage of Technosis, the Prognosis crew are once again kicking the tunes on offer square into techno territory with some local favourites along for the ride!!!!

►►► LINEUP ◄◄◄

Scott Freedman
Simon Murphy
Aaron Static

►►► VISUALS ◄◄◄

vdmo Kstatii

►►► WHERE ◄◄◄

Loop – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD

►►► WHEN ◄◄◄

Saturday, 17th October – 10pm till LATE

►►► PRICE ◄◄◄

100% FREE!!

Technosis Promo: Mixed by J-Slyde

by J-Slyde


J-Slyde has cooked up a delicious serving of tech influenced treats for our debut Technosis on April 18th. A 79 minute journey through hypnotic tech-house and techno, it gives a great indication of the sounds you can expect to hear on the night. Headlining the event are local techno legends Dave Pham and Caine Sinclair, with support from Herc Kass, Danny Dobs and residents.

Listen and download via Soundcloud.

Track list
01: Dubfound – The Drib (Original Mix)
02: Orlando Tosi – Fuarte (Martelli Remix)
04: Proudly People – Be Used (Original Mix)
05: Joor Ghen – Easier Than Easy (Original Mix)
06: Chris Garcia (US) – Object (Wade Remix)
07: Dubfound – Nemesis (Original Mix)
08: Alex Ground & Joor Ghen – Alive Again (Original Mix)
09: Reelow – Melina (Original Mix)
10: Proudly People & Joor Ghen – Meeting Room (Original Mix)
12: Proudly People & Joor Ghen – Third Floor (Original Mix)
13: Nikola Gala – Killer Queen (Wade & Artslaves Remix)
14: Stefano Noferini & Hollen – Rediscovered (Miguel Bastida Remix)
15: Joor Ghen – Just Keep It Down (Chris Garcia & Mike Paladino Remix)
16: Adam Beyer – Space Man (Original Mix)
17: Pedestrian – Drop Bear (Original Mix)

More from J-Slyde: Website | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


by J-Slyde

Technosis April 18 at Loop


The techno warriors have taken siege and are finally getting their way muahahaha!!!

Well that’s not entirely true since Prognosis has an open musical policy and refuses to be bound by genre… BUT… Murphy got sick of people always asking if it was a prog night… Sooo we present a tech-heavy event TECHNOSIS with the usual Prognosis twists and turns. The musical journey will still be there but layered with a healthy dose of techno action!

Firstly, we have recruited one of Australia’s undisputed techno kings, Dave Pham to lead the charge, driving his forklift into the depths of techno tablist territory. Playing alongside him will be techno aficionado Caine Sinclair who always packs a punch. Joining the lads will be Nosis favourite Herc Kass who is back for another fix after a summer filled with festival madness. Making his debut will be local legend Danny Dobs who just got back from an international tour and has a bag of tricks ready to be unleashed. With these warriors at the helm, Loop is set to be treated to a feast of tasty techno beats.

Backed up by residents Aaron Static, J-Slyde and Simon Murphy, the techno takeover will be spliced with loopy warehouse goodness you won’t want to miss. Chief visual conductor vdmo Kstati will be weaving his magic on the big screens and has some new tricks up his sleeve. Get in early… it will be a BIG one!!!

Also, don’t forget to grab your tickets ASAP to catch some of the Prognosis krew playing some Easter beats at Fourcolours – The Prelude alongside Eelke Kleijn!

►►► LINEUP ◄◄◄

Dave Pham
Caine Sinclair
Herc Kass
Danny Dobs
Simon Murphy
Aaron Static

►►► VISUALS ◄◄◄

vdmo Kstati

►►► WHERE ◄◄◄

Loop – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD
Google Maps Link

►►► WHEN ◄◄◄

Saturday, 18th April – 10pm till LATE

►►► PRICE ◄◄◄

100% FREE!!