Substance Rooftop Party ~ Review!

by J-Slyde

In the wake of the Rooftop Party, all we’ve heard is good things about how the day went and how everyone enjoyed themselves. For those unfortunate few that missed out on the day sent down their trusty reviewer, Alianne, to cover the day. She’s done extremely well in capturing what was one of our best events to date. Special thanks to her for the kind words 🙂

Full article can be found HERE

The Substance crew specializes in amazing parties featuring quality tunes and lots of shenanigans, Rather than bringing in internationals, they embrace the best of Melbourne’s considerable local talent, resulting in grooving sets of a variety of different genres. Previous gigs have included Danny Bonnici at their last Terminus Rooftop party, and Mixed Substance at Brown Alley, showcasing a selection of different locals such as J-Slyde. Tonight, Melbourne’s prog legend Luke Chable would be joining some of the usual crew, along with Muska and Alison Spong, to name just a few.

It was my first time visiting the Terminus Hotel, a cosy two-storey bar in Abbotsford, and even from the outside, I could hear tunes drifting down from the rooftop, making me excited to get inside. Past a fireplace and up a flight of stairs were two rooms with a few people chilling on couches, but the main party was outside on the covered balcony. The weather forecast for the Saturday was for cold and rain, so the dancefloor was completely covered over with plastic along most of the sides too, protecting the booth. Luckily Melbourne’s notorious skies decided to grace us with sun shining onto the dance floor for a big chunk of the afternoon. Dancing in the sun, sunnies on, to deep bassy tunes was amazing!

Taran M was finishing up his set when I arrived, playing a fun and funky mix of tracks, with some remixes of commercial tracks thrown in (I think I may have heard Jay-Z and Linkin Park). Alison Spong was up next, popping her Substance cherry. She played deep progressive tracks, with some excellent melodies thrown in. Not too full on, and ideal for that point in the afternoon, when the majority of the crowd began to arrive. Her mixing was spot on and her set time was ideal, just as the crowd began to swell for the evening.

The upstairs bar, conveniently located at the back of the rooftop area, was kept busy. Their snakebite pints, pink and deadly, were a big hit! Next up came Simon Murphy, who opened with a very amusing remix of Duck Sauce’s Barbra Streisand. He was playing deeper and techier tunes, and soon had the dancefloor moving. I think I heard a D-Nox and Beckers track or two in his set; nice and progressive.

J-Slyde took over around 6pm, and took the party up another level. The sun was shining through the plastic walling behind the booth, dusting the rooftop dancefloor in golden light, as he brought out the breakbeat. A selection of slightly cheesy but oh so good tunes sent the dancefloor wild. Bouncy breaks like The Stanton Warriors’ Still Here transitioned smoothly into techy house, and back into more hip-shaking breaks. Prodigy vs Elite ForceSmack my Force Up was probably the standout tune for me, an excellent mash-up of two banging songs. I loved the placement of the booth right in front of the dance floor so we could see watch his skilful mixing. By the time his hour was up the crowd was ready to dance even more for Chable.

Luke Chable opened with Timo Mass’s Better Make Room (James Holden remix), groovy and a little bit techy, and continued with a selection of some of his classic progressive tunes: his remix of Cloud Cuckoo by Sasha bathed the crowd in melody, and he smoothly blended in several excellent tracks by James Holden, an artist who complements his own style very well. Chable’s classic remix of Dream On was a 10-minute journey through the best of melodic progressive house.

He eventually brought his set to a close but gave into the crowd, playing as an encore PQM’s You are Sleeping, sending the rooftop wild. Overall his set showcased some excellent progressive classics, but I was very disappointed he didn’t feature even one of his classic breakbeat tunes and remixes, especially Melburn, which would have been beautiful on the rooftop. His set did take the energy level down a notch from J-Slyde’s set.

Next up, Muska took the music deeper with a dancey set of rhythmic deep house and tech. The rooftop was beginning to empty out a bit now; with the onset of night it had gotten quite chilly, and despite dancing and a few scattered heat lamps I was feeling the cold. I stuck around for most of the hour, digging Muska’s selection and having a little more room on the dancefloor, but eventually decided to call it an excellent evening and take my weary self home.

Substance put on a stellar party; the crowd was wonderfully friendly, the venue was comfy and perfect for an afternoon gig, and the music was amazing throughout the night, and interestingly varied. The weather and sunshine was the icing on top of a very delicious evening.

Mixed Substance Audio Treats!

by J-Slyde

SpkrNot sure what to expect for Mixed Substance? Need some music to tire you over until the event? We gots shit covered!

Listed below are a handful of free downloads from some of the DJs that’ll be playing on the night. They give a great snapshot of what to expect. Totally free to download, high quality musak fo’ ya earz! No catch – our treat!

Full info on Mixed Substance can be found HERE. See you all on Sept 24th!!

Muska ~ August 2010 Mix

J-Slyde ~ Live @ Loop Bar

Mouka ~ Live @ Substance 2nd Bday

Rich OK ~ The Weekend Starts Kicked Mashup

Simon Murphy ~ Live @ Interview

Simon Murphy ~ Live @ Unstable Sounds

Mixed Substance ~ Sept 24th

by J-Slyde

Mixed Susbtance

Mixed Messages & Substance team up Friday September 24th to bring crews and djs together to experience a night of electronic music of all styles. These two crews are renowned for their awesome vibe and ability to mash up music of all underground and party styles.

This night promises to be a spectacular event incorporating Decor – Music – Vibe, good people and 2 rooms including the Garden Bar roof top area.


Special Guest – Daniel Farley (NZ)
Muska / Tahl / J-Slyde / Taran M / Mouka / Tavish / Simon Murphy / Diistortiion / Kodiak Kid / Rich OK / JD vs Shifty Sly / Craig Pringle / Fergus


Friday, 24th September


Brown Alley – 585 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000


$10 glist – Say “SUBSTANCE” at the door!
$15 general


Facebook Event





The Substance krew are a group of like minded party goers dedicated to bringing the freshest sounds to the Melbourne party scene. They endeavor to offer something fresh and different to their punters. Not adhering to current ’nightclub etiquette’, the Substance elite DJ krew showcase sounds from a plethora of different electronic genres and styles on any given event – giving their punters an orgasmic journey through the aural delights of EDM.

Substance don’t have to sell anything, the line up speaks for itself. A little bit of everything mixed in with a whole lot of fun. The formula to make the substance is simple. Start with concentrated breaks blended into Electro. Mix in a beaker of tech, a test tube of prog, a spatula full of minimal and a litmus test of trance and everything in between in what promises to be a fanatical night of auditory assault.

With a stellar line up of kick ass residents and a galaxy of local and Interstate special guests throughout the year Substance is guaranteed to bring you nothing more than a good time. So keep your eye’s on the look out and your ears to the ground as we lay down some serious sounds!



The Mixed Messages philosophy centers on cultivating new concepts in dance music culture and evolving current trends in the way that dance music is created, played and enjoyed. We acknowledge that any subculture has the ability to magnify human foible and virtue. Moreover, we seek to uphold the integrity of dance music culture by readily embracing the power that our industry has to make positive changes that extend to the wider community. We do this through the emphasizing a high-quality club product and rejecting the aspects of club culture that compromise the characteristically underground notion of being ‘all about the music’.

Our music policy steps outside the restriction of genre and defies the popular notion of playing only club anthems. Our DJs are encouraged to consider a Mixed Messages party as an opportunity to exhibit their art through structuring sets that could not be heard anywhere else. A Mixed Messages DJ reads the room and responds by taking everyone present on a journey of sound, infused with their own signature style which keeps people coming back weekend after weekend. The appeal for a DJ to play a Mixed Messages party has enabled us to secure the best DJs from each genre that is definitive of the Melbourne underground sound. We have an unrivaled artist roster for our regular nights and carefully tailor our touring line-ups to best suit the hosting venue.

2nd Birthday Hyped Up Audio Goodness!

by J-Slyde

To tire you over in the lead up to the 2nd Birthday we’ve sourced out some really tasty mixes from some of our guests and residents. All are free to download and will give you a great idea of what to expect from their sets on the night. Read on for track listings and links!

Danny Bonnici

We’ve been lucky enough to source out an oldschool NuBreed set that Danny mixed way back in 2006. It’s a classic compilation of a whole heap of NuBreed tracks that your no doubt bound to hear during his set!

Track list:
01. Humate – 3.2 (Jase’s Ambient Breaks mix)
02. Nubreed – Dzire
03. Hamish – Forever & Never / Duke – So In Love (Nubreed Mashup)
04. Nubreed – Ionosphere (C.I.T.C vox mix)
05. Double 99 – 7th High (Nubreed unreleased electro mix)
06. Dirty Fours vs Austin Leeds – Submarine (Breaks End mix)
07. Tiesto / Junkie XL – Obsession (Nubreed remix)
08. Nubreed – Nufunk
09. Free Radicals – Summerbreeze (Nubreed remix)
10. Nubreed – Neptune Beach
11. Nubreed – Xenomorph
12. Nubreed – Midi Killa
13. Nubreed – Suckerpunch
14. Nubreed – Beats’n’Rhymes



This is a completely live set recorded @ the Kiss My Grass festival earlier this year. It’s a great introduction into the sound Blinky and his label Beat Geek Recordings are pushing.

1. Alva Noto – Xerrox Monophaser 2 & Tommy Four Seven – Surma (T47 Tool) (Hawtin Tsugi100 Intro)
2. Jamie White & Kyle Bourke – Native Origin (Blinky Remix) | BEATGEEK RECORDS
3. Fiord – Keen String (Blinky Remix) | OPEN RECORDS
4. Blinky – Dance Like Deaf People | EPSILON TRAX
5. Blinky vs Def Digital – deFUNK | BEATGEEK RECORDS
6. Blinky – Kant | BAROQUE RECORDS
7. Metadeko – Dxpression (Saucy’s Kid To The Rebound Mix) | BELLARINE RECORDINGS
8. Blinky – Loopy | BAROQUE RECORDS
9. Blinky – Kiss Not A Kiss | EPSILON TRAX

Simon Murphy

One of our resident DJs, Simon has offered up his technical groove-skills at every Substance event to date. A highly talented DJ, his enthusiasm for the music he plays is contagious. This mix was recorded for an upcoming Interview event which he played at.


In this mix Loki fuses a combination of Minimal and Tech to create a cohesive and well thought out set. Bound to get you rocking!