My Top 5 Most Influential Releases ~ Simon Murphy

by Simon Murphy

If you have ever been in my car, my house or even just seen inside my record bag, there is one thing that is blaringly obvious….. I have a small obsession with music. Well actually, who am I kidding really? I have a full blown, OCD laden, verging on unhealthy, obsession with music and have done so for as long as I can remember. I have hundreds of records, CDs, tapes, DVDs and videos plus hard drives FULL to the brim with every conceivable genre of electronic music from the last 15+ years of collecting. The collection fills any spare bit of shelf, cupboard, car or floor space that I have and then some. Am I concerned? Not at all…. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, when you have as much music as I do and somebody asks you to come up with 5 albums that have influenced you the most as a DJ it does tend to open up a Pandora’s box. It was my equivalent of someone asking a parent which is their favourite child in that even though deep down I had favourites, I felt bad for the others. It was no mean feat to come up with this list as I could have easily made it 20 or 50 influential albums but through a lot of thought I have managed to narrow it down to my top five.

This list is by no means a definitive list of the best or most defining releases across the whole scene. These are not necessarily the most highly praised releases across the genres that they cover or are they even necessarily the most highly regarded releases by the artists included. This is simply a list that captures where my headspace was musically at different times, where I have drawn inspiration from, and most of all, what has shaped my outlook on music and the tunes that I play. It was hard to prepare this list without sounding conceited or self righteous as I had to try to justify what were extremely tough decisions. Passion can easily be mistaken for arrogant self indulgence so I hope that this comes across as the former as this was my intention. The list naturally formed in chronological order as it follows what I was listening to at different times, a few explanations of the scene at the time (sorry if some were long-winded), my changing tastes in music and how I went from being a music-obsessed party-animal promo-whore to a…. well…. to a music-obsessed  party-animal who feels lucky to have the opportunity to spin the tunes I love (when people let me).

So enough of my rambling (or the start of a whole lot more rambling?) here are my choices……

1. The Prodigy – Music for the jilted generation (1994)

The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted GenerationAs a teenager in the mid to late 90’s I was, like everyone else, riding the grunge and punk waves. I liked music with a lot of energy but never really liked the more classic ‘rock’ sound per se. I got into dance music when I was pretty young and I’m not going to lie; a lot of the stuff I listened to was horrible stuff. Whilst bouncing around between these almost polar opposites, I found myself unknowingly searching for something that would grab me and shake things up. Enter stage right…. The Prodigy.

The Prodigy turned any preconception that I had of music on its head by merging the ideals of punk with the structures and sounds of electronic music. I blasted this through my walkman like there was no tomorrow. They were the gateway act that got me hooked on the good stuff and made me thirsty for more. With the little money I had from my part time job at KFC I would hit up Dixon’s and buy anything and everything from the ‘dance music’ section. Buying second hand CDs from Dixon’s, armed with minimal knowledge of what I should be looking for, meant my collection included everything from Detroit House to Rotterdam Hardcore, from trance to jungle, from commercial cheese to experimental Goa. Again, a lot of it was horrible, but it opened up my eyes to a whole new world of music that I fully immersed myself in. This exposure to such a wide array of sounds meant that I always kept an open mind about music and this is an ideal I still try to remain true to.


2. Sasha + Digweed – Northern Exposure : Expeditions (1999)

Sasha & Digweed - Northern Exposure ExpeditionsBy 1999 I had a bit more knowledge of the electronic music that was out there and had started to go to club nights and events around Melbourne. My weekend diet consisted of a whole lot of trance and a whole lot of techno. Like most kiddies I liked my music banging so there was a fair bit of hard house and other UK sounds in there too. I was still listening to anything and everything that I could afford and as I slowly got more involved in the scene I read about or got told about more and more acts that I should check out.

As is still true to this day, there aren’t many bigger names than Sasha and John Digweed so it was no surprise that I came across this compilation on my travels (I think I may have actually lashed out and bought this at Sanity Dance Arena). I’m not going to lie, at first listen I really wasn’t that impressed, it sounded like a chill CD and I didn’t get what all the fuss was about. After subsequent listens though, it all started to make sense. This double CD taught me that music didn’t have to be banging to be awesome. The music had so many layers, so many different sounds and the mixes were so long that you almost couldn’t tell where one track stopped and the next track started. Every time I listened I heard something different that I hadn’t noticed before and I loved it. This album is still one of the reasons that I still look for music with lots of layers and textures that can be played around with and used to make long mixes.


3. Dave Clarke – World Service (2001)

Dave Clarke - World ServiceBy the time I heard this album I was well and truly hooked on the Melbourne scene. Whilst I was at uni I was promoting around Melbourne so that I could go to all the events that I wouldn’t have been able to afford to attend otherwise. After listening to enough trance, hard house and hardcore to turn anyone sterile I began my techno honeymoon with this double CD being one of the key catalysts. I am pretty sure it must have been in the @mosphere DJ’s contracts to have a copy of this on vinyl as the tunes on here received a fair caning and formed part of the soundtrack to that period of time. As a promoter for @mosphere I met a bunch of the techno faithful and didn’t look back. I was promoting for crews like Hardware, Wetmusik, Melbourne Techno Massive etc and my brain was well and truly rewired to run on techno time. Even though I cross between genres a bit now, techno still forms the basis of the majority of what I play and Dave Clarke still reigns as one of my favourite DJs (Ben Sims still takes the cake as the best DJ I’ve ever seen though – sorry Dave).


4. Vitalic – OK Cowboy (2005)

Vitalic - OK CowboyIt’s blatantly obvious to anyone who has been around more than a couple of years that after years of techno domination, electro hit the Melbourne scene in a BIG way and before it became a taboo word due to commercial oversaturation, there was a thriving scene with some exceptional music. By this stage I’d been heavily involved in promoting, running events, writing reviews & other press, event photography etc and I had always been quite content to let others do the DJing. This was probably due to minimal funds whilst studying full time and working casual jobs but also because I never really felt the need. Heaps of my mates were DJs and I’d go to so many events I could always hear the tunes I wanted to hear. I was happy with this arrangement.

When I finally jumped behind the decks I did much the same as when I started buying CDs, I bought records (a lot which were second hand) that crossed a number of genres. From early on I got hooked on the heavier electro sounds of artists like Anthony Rother, The Hacker, Fischerspooner, Black Strobe and of course Vitalic. Seeing Vitalic smash out his set at Two Tribes in ’04 was a set that resonated in my mind when I was first buying records and when this album came out it was definitely a major influence in the sound I was aiming for. The Melbourne scene had some great electro gigs and DJs which definitely contributed to the sound I was playing. Sometime around this point I went from being a bedroom banger with absolutely no desire to play in public at all, to getting a couple of random gigs around the traps and then BANG…. my vinyl addiction morphed into a burning desire to play gigs.


5. Trentemoller – The Last Resort (2006)

Trentemoller - The Last ResortAfter electro got destroyed by hideous electro house I was looking for something new (note: before anyone jumps up and down there definitely was/is some very good electro house around, it just got totally paled in comparison to the amount of absolute trash around). I moved back to my techno roots but in a new form; minimal. Much like when electro hit the scene in a big way, minimal threw a net over the scene and I got hooked (again, there was some terrible minimal but there was also some amazing music around at this time). Trentemoller’s music acted as a catalyst for me as his music bridged the gap between my taste for electro/early electro house and minimal.

One of my very early records was a white label of Trentemoller’s Beta Boy. After falling in love with the track, I went on a search to find anything and everything that Trentemoller had anything to do with. His EP’s on Poker Flat plus a long list of remixes were staples in my sets and they never left my record bag. This album was released about a year after I had first gotten into his music. I had loved his previous work but this album definitely struck a chord much in the same way that Northern Exposure: Expeditions had done all those years earlier. This album is a beautiful piece of amazingly structured melancholy techno. It re-taught me the value of quality production, texture and layers in music. This album made me really listen to the music I was playing and is probably partly responsible for the OCD I have now about finding the right tunes for the right set. Since this album I have immersed myself in a lot of down tempo, melodic and often melancholy music that really did changed the way I played my sets.



So there you have it. There were numerous other releases that I would have loved to include from acts like Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier, Sasha, Gui Boratto, Lamb, Joris Voorn, Shpongle, Booka Shade, Riccardo Villalobos, Protoculture, James Zabiela, Phonique, Trifonic, Lusine and well, the list goes on. Overall, I think that the five releases above are a good cross section to illustrate how I managed to get to the point I am at now. Hearing my sets, after looking at this list, you will hopefully be able to hear and understand where I draw a lot of my inspiration. The elements presented in these releases have all contributed to the ideals that I seek in music. I attempt, with varying degrees of success, to translate these core elements into my mixes and my sets. Add to this the huge amounts of quality local and international DJs I’ve been spoilt enough to catch playing around Melbourne over the last decade and you should also be able to see why I am still addicted to the music after all this time and why I can’t see that changing any time soon.

Prognosis ~ June 18th @ LOOP

by J-Slyde

Prognosis June

With a mere three successful events under their belts, the Prognosis krew have secured themselves a bi-monthly residency at the infamous Loop (the 3rd Saturday of every second month for those keeping track!).

A sought after venue in it’s own right, the last three Prognosis events have seen Loop transformed into a veritable wonderland of delectable auditory mayhem. Playing host to some of Melbourne’s most talented DJs, producers and visual artists, Prognosis has shown with only a handful of events that they are a truly unique event worthy of attention. Needless to say that this has shown to be common place and the trend is set to continue come round four on June 18th!

Continuing with their offering of high quality talent, the Prognosis krew have been lucky enough to secure Canadian born Timothy Allan. Now residing in sunny Melbourne Tim has earnt a solid reputation in the EDM scene with a multitude of worldwide top 10 Billboard, DMC and ARIA charting releases and remixes, including multiple tracks which have hit that magical number 1. His remix (now the main mix) of ‘The Shrink – Nervous Breakdown’ was DMC’s 5th biggest club track in the UK for 2010 and voted 2010′s 7th biggest dance track in the UK by Music Week. How’s that for talent?!

Welcoming back to the decks after a one event hiatus, Aaron Static also joins the ranks. Receiving airplay from Markus Schulz, Jaytech, Cid Inc, Sasha Le Monnier over the past few months, Static’s notoriety in the EDM scene has been going from strength to strength. Currently knuckling down on production, he’s been hard at work putting the finishes touches on one of his biggest releases of the year – Solar Empire. Set to be released on Indigo Records towards the end of June, Static will test drive the high quality Progressive anthem exclusively at Prognosis. Needless to say, for Static and Prog fans alike, it’ll be a set not to miss!

Visuals for the evening will be brought to you by VJ Pied Piper, while audio support duties will be handled by LockNLoad front man, Jules Plees, along with young gun and EDM aficionado Insomnia. Oh, and those guys J-Slyde and Simon Murphy might also be around.

● Timothy Allan (Audio Therapy / Armada )
● Aaron Static (Indigo / Hyline / Spherax)
● Jules Plees (Lock N Load)
● Simon Murphy (Substance / Interview)
● J-Slyde (Substance)
● Insomnia

● With visuals from: VJ Pied Piper
● 23 Meyes Place, CBD
● Saturday 18th June
● FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Prognosis Promo 2 ~ Mixed by Simon Murphy

by J-Slyde

Mixed in preparation of our April Prognosis event, and running hot off the heels of the first Prognosis Promo Mix, Simon Murphy, resident and all round nice guy, has offered up his skills and taken the reigns for our second offering. Covering Simon’s unique take on Melodic Techno and Tech-House, it’s an 80 minute journey that delves deep into the forward thinking music Simon has been pushing at our events. Available as a free download to all our loyal supporters!

Prognosis Promo 2

01.Max Cooper – Solice (Original Mix)
02.Max Cooper – Heresy (Dosem Remix)
03.Ryan Davis – My White Zebra
04.Andrew K – The Doppler Effect (Max Cooper Remix)
05.Microtrauma – Contrast
06.Oliver Schories – Wildfang (Original Mix)
07.Alex Dolby – City Shark (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)
08.Thomas Bjerring & David Skog – Ice (Microtrauma Remix)
09.Beatamines – Diamond Girl (Microtrauma Remix)
10.Jim Rivers – Black Keys (Cid Inc. Remix)
11.Solee – Ice
12.Max Cooper – Enveloped (Ryan Davis Remix)
13.Guy J – Azimuth (Original Mix)


Direct Download

If you like what you hear, ensure you like Simon on Facebook!


Prognosis Live Recordings

by J-Slyde

In the lead up to our third Prognosis event, which is set for April 16th @ LOOP – we thought we’d release a couple of the sets which were recorded live at our last two events. Unfortunately only a handful of the sets were able to be recorded due to technical difficulties, *cough* flat batteries *cough*, but those that were are well worth the listen!

All links are direct MP3 files – simply right click and save target as to download.
Please note that these are raw recordings and as such have not been mastered or edited in any way, shape or form. What you hear is what was played live on the night!


recoil – Live @ Prognosis Feb 2011
Aaron Static – Live @ Prognosis Feb 2011
J-Slyde – Live @ Prognosis Feb 2011


Simon Murphy – Live @ Prognosis March 2011
J-Slyde – Live @ Prognosis March 2011
Aaron Static – Live @ Prognosis March 2011
Darko – Live @ Prognosis March 2011



Prognosis ~ April 16th @ LOOP

by J-Slyde

Substance Sounds in conjunction with LOOP pres the newest concept in forward thinking nightlife!
Prognosis - April 16th @ LOOP

With two successful events under their belts the Prognosis krew are lining up for their third offering back at Loop. Yet again partying until stumps, their last event was nothing short of brilliant. Quality music, eye opening visuals and a fantastic crowd made for a fool-proof recipe. Not missing a beat, the krew were quick to lock-in a third date and are getting ready to do it all over again come April 16th.

Leading the charge this time round we’re very honored to welcome Melbourne’s own Prog pinup, Steve May. Having been play-listed by everyone from Tiesto to Carl Cox, Steve’s production is world class. Not just limited to his productions, as a DJ he has championed a versatile and genre-bending sound headlining shows across the globe.

After a mind blowing performance at our first event we’re also very happy to welcome back JaseFOS for a live Laptop set. If you haven’t seen his mastery of all things electronic then you must take this opportunity by the horns! Responsible for “that track” and producing, releasing, DJing and performing for the past 15+ years, Jase is a seasoned veteran when it comes to electronic music. Needless to say, the dancefloor will be in good hands when he graces the decks!

Delivering his fresh twisted take on everything electronic, Kultrun also joins the ranks to bring his unique production style to the floor. Guaranteed to have you stroking your chin whilst madly bopping all over the floor, this kid has had his work play-listed by everyone from Dubfire to MODE and even Armin Van Burren. Expect a set full of the highest caliber home-grown Prog and Tech you can poke a stick at!

Alas, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns this time round as Taran M is set to deliver one of the last sets of his career. The original inceptor of Substance and Co-founder with J-Slyde, the man is hanging up the Electronic promoting and djing booty’s indefinitely as he heads off to Alaska to hunt wild game using only a toothcomb and a Denny’s Breakfast burrito (Actual events of Taran’s future may differ from written dialog). Having played pretty much every electronic genre, graced major parties like Two Tribes, Godskitchen, Adventjah, major club residencies and of course running a filthy muck with the Substance crew, Taran’s set will be a display of everything he has exposed us to whilst being behind the decks at Substance (Bring sunnies; he’s a pale chap!).

Support duties for the night will be handled by the extremely talented Prognosis Pin-up boys J-Slyde and Simon Murphy, whilst visual duties will be handled by the one and only vdmo Kstati – whom left the crowd gobsmacked at our last event from his utterly astounding visuals.

So book the appointment, take the sick day from work and prepare to bulk bill your way to the Perfect Prognosis as Loop bar prepares for another diagnosable night of auditory mayhem.

Steve May (Baroque / Armada)
Kultrun (Beat Geek / Jetlag / Indigo)
Taran M (Hanging up the headphones set)
J-Slyde (Substance)
Simon Murphy (Substance / Space Pod)

VJ: vdmo Kstati

WHERE: Loop. 23 Meyers Place, CBD.

WHEN: Saturday, April 16th

PRICE: FREE!!!!!!!!!



Prognosis Promo 01 ~ Mixed by: J-Slyde

by J-Slyde

Mixed in preparation for Prognosis’ second outing at Loop Bar on March 19th, J-Slyde offered up his skills to record a 2 hour mix compiling the many sounds of Prognosis. A journey that travels a gamut of styles and genres centered around Progressive and Techno music, this is a perfect taster of what you can expect from the sound system at Prognosis on any given night.

Prognosis Promo Cover

Direct Download

Duration: 117.31 minutes
Size: 268MB
Quality: 320KBPS MP3

01. Guy J – Easy As Can Be (Original Mix)
02. Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin – Atlas(Gui Boratto Remix)
03. Oxia & Eric Borgo – Late Variations
04. Gorge – Humming Fireflies
05. Robbie Lowe – Real Time (Original Mix)
06. Exoplanet – Shepherd Of Consciousness (Moonbeam Remix)
07. Shiftone – The Roots (Original Mix)
08. Lior Lehav – Oh Boy (Original Mix)
09. Bed Rock – Emerald (Henry Saiz Remix)
10. Barry Jamieson & Charlie May – Homecoming (Sasha & Dimitri Nakov Remix)
11. Anthony Rother – Man Up That Hill (Gui Boratto Remix)
12. Alessandro Diga – Meltdown (Original Mix)
13. Microtrauma – Contrast (Max Cooper Remix)
14. Ripperton – Farra (Deetron Edit)
15. Microtrauma – Saturation (Ryan Davis Remix)
16. Radio Head – Everything… (Andi Müllers Looong Mix)
17. Way Out West – Surrender (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
18. Nic Chagall ft Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Moment (Prog Mix)
19. Mossy – Some Day (Original Mix)
20. Way Out West – We Love Machine (Jaytech Remix)
21. Hybrid – Disappear Here (Maor Levi Revealed Mix)