PROGNOSIS – June 15th @ LOOP

by J-Slyde

Prognosis June 15th Eflyer

Well, well, well… what do we have here then? Another stacked lineup brought to you by the musically intoxicated folk down at Prognosis HQ by the looks of it. A healthy dose of progressive spliced with a metric fcukton of techno? Perhaps even a hint of house and disco on the menu? Rightio then kiddies, carry on…

And carry on we will! With all the makings of another shenanigan filled evening, musical stylings will be provided by a troop of auditory aficionados ready to tell their story through song*.

Back on deck after a stellar debut earlier this year, Rich Curtis will be delivering the smooth sounds that have seen him in demand across Australia and the globe. A prolific producer with a slew of releases on some of the biggest labels in the game, Rich’s DJ sets are not to be missed.

Gabe Gilmour makes his highly anticipated Prognosis debut which will no doubt be something special. Having mastered his craft whilst DJing and running events in Canberra, Gabe has received critical acclaim from promoters and punters in Australia and beyond. A true craftsman with a deep passion for his music, Gabe’s music will instantly find a welcome home amongst the Prognosis crowd.

Kultrun is another returning guest who realistically needs no introduction. Production skills that leave many for dead, releases that show his depth musically which have received props from some of the biggest names in the scene and DJ sets that have attracted high praise, Melbourne lad Kultrun will deliver once again.

The funkiest chuckers in town have got the band back together for an exclusive Chunky Fuckers set. We’ve missed their on stage supremacy that has turned the Prognosis dancefloor on its head multiple times. Add in residents J-Slyde and Aaron Static who have both been amassing huge numbers of fans across the globe with their mixes and have continually dealt feet seeking missiles across Melbourne and we really are in for a treat. VJ Pied Piper will be leading the children of the night with his visual wizardry. Entry is free so resistance is futile!

*Note: Microphones are strictly banned. We trust their taste in tunes but vocal stylings are discouraged with swift retribution for those who disobey.


Rich Curtis (BRIS / Sudbeat / Proton / Replug)

Gabriel Gilmour

Chunky Fuckers (Herc Kass & Jayson Holden)


Aaron Static



VJ Pied Piper


Saturday, 15th June – 10:00pm til late


Loop – 23 Meyers Place

PRICE: 100% FREE!!


Prognosis April Promo – Mixed by Verve

by J-Slyde


In the lead up to our April edition of Prognosis our headlining guest, Verve, has offered up his skills to mix the next installment in our Prognosis Promo Mix series. Delivering a storming 1 hour mix full of prog and tech sounds this is a taster of what you can expect come April 20th @ Loop. The mix is now available to download for free! Enjoy! 🙂


01. Reflection Soul – Nova (Original Mix) [Stereo Paradise]
02. PROFF – Countdown (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
03. Poison Pro – Alien (Kobana’s Darkside Dub) [Proton]
04. Kastis Torrau & Arnas D – Atlantic (Original Mix) [Perspectives Digital]
05. Quivver – The Fog (Kassey Voorn Vintage Mix) [FutureForm Music]
06. Dousk – Hammer (Jamie Stevens & Steve Ward Remix) [Vapour]
07. Dapple Apple – Hubble Sphere (Verve Remix) [Particles]
08. Guy J – Lost n Found (Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur Remix) [Lost & Found]
09. Hells Kitchen – Nothing But Fire (Original Mix) [Stereo Paradise]
10. Thank You City – Ten Thousand Hours (Original Mix) [Chameleon Recordings]

Artist Interview: VERVE

by Simon Murphy

Ahead of the monster April Edition of Prognosis we are lucky enough to get the chance to interview the talented producer and DJ, Brisbane’s own Verve, who will be making his highly anticipated Prognosis debut.

Verve bio pic

Thanks Kieran for taking the time for us to pick your brain.

No dramas, thanks for having me.

For those unfamiliar with your music (i.e. those living under a rock), can you describe your sound?

I’d say my Verve productions could be summed up as: emotive and melodic, groovy with a dash of techiness. I try to avoid repeating the exact same sound twice, as certain producers do thanks to their templates, so my tunes can be quite varied – in saying that I do often place emphasis on the melodic content of a tune, as I try to capture a snapshot of a particular feeling or emotion which may come through on the day of production.

The last few years have seen your tunes signed to some amazing labels and you play some big shows. Do you have any personal highlights you’d like to share?

I’ve been lucky enough to be signed to some of my favourite labels, of those I think having my tune ‘Fusion’ signed to Particles (sister label of Proton) was one of those ‘cross that off the list’ kinda moments, as I’d been sending them originals for some time with no success up until last year. Fusion sold well so they decided to pull together a remixed EP, which should be out soon, along with a remix from a long time hero of mine, Danny Bonnici. I recently signed a 2 track EP to DAR Digital, which will see the launch of my new techno moniker ‘KC Roma’ – couldn’t ask for a better way to launch this new project!

Gigs wise, spinning at clubs in London was pretty cool, though I have to say the gig which I had the most fun at was a bush doof in SEQ, where I got to crank out a handful of my own tunes, full pelt on an epic system.

You’re originally from Brisbane but have also spent time in Europe. What is the Brisbane scene like? Can you tell us about your travels and how this experience has contributed to your music and the development of your career?

I grew up in Brisvegas but have made the voyage over to Euroland twice in the past few years, first in 08/09 and more recently in 11/12, I returned back down under in Dec last year.

One of the reasons I jetted overseas was to get away from the stagnation of Brisbane’s scene – as most big cities there’s no shortage of DJs playing cheesy tunes, but in the last few years there’s been some amazing gigs go down in Brisbane, thanks to a few local promoters like Rich Curtis and the Auditree boys – these guys have been known to throw a mean boat party. Rob Babicz played at one. Sun setting with skyscrapers in the background is a memory that has stuck with me.

Whilst in Europe I lived between Sweden and London. I embraced the clubbing culture to the max on my first visit to London, and was pretty overwhelmed with the amount of choice you have, often we had to sacrifice one gig for another – some heartbreaking decisions were made. I got over to mainland Europe as much as possible, rocked a few road trips with my mates and experienced some amazing places. The most influential city for me, as a producer and lover of dance music was Berlin without a shadow of doubt! Before moving to Europe I had no particular affinity with techno or minimal, but Berlin has a way of getting deep inside your brain.

There’s way to many clubs/festivals/street-parties to list here, but all I can say to peeps out there is if you haven’t done Berlin and you’re a fiend for dance music like me, you should have been there yesterday.

You’ve had the chance to remix a whole swag of quality tunes and added your own special touch. If you had the chance to remix any tune from the past or present, which tune would it be?

Touch question! Tunes from the past that come to mind are the classics of the golden era, like Underworld – Born Slippy or Orbital – Chime. For present stuff, being given the chance to remix anything by Stephan Bodzin, King Unique or Guy J would make me happy in the pants.

Can you offer your opinion on the current state of the electronic music scene, both locally and abroad? Do you think that the scene is still strong or has the global commercialisation had a negative impact?

Locally it seems like the scene in Sydney is quite healthy, since I moved hear 2 months ago, there have been gigs catching my eye more or less every weekend. I feel spoilt for choice moving from Brisbane. Like all places there are people who want to be part of the scene for the wrong reasons, but that’s unavoidable. Like Dosem mentioned recently, despite the negative aspects of the booming EDM scene in the US there are positives coming out of it like the gateway effect, and as time passes people with decent taste will dig deeper to find music with more meaning and complexity. The underground is stronger than ever though, so I’m happy to stay here for a while and keep doing my thing.

Your productions are turning heads around Australia and across the globe with support from some of the biggest names in the business (Hernan, Jaytech, Above & Beyond to name a few). For the budding producers out there, can you offer any insight into how to get your tunes heard and recognised on a global scale in such a competitive industry?

Focus on your own sound and identity; this is key for success in such a saturated market. Buy a couple soft synths after doing some research and get right into them and their architecture, know them like the back of your hand, so you can pull the sounds that you want quickly rather than digging through thousands of presets. Once you get your head around the technical aspect of production, and you’re able to develop unique ideas – you’re already half way there, and people will start to notice you.

Make sure you research labels and their prior releases before sending demos to make sure your sound fits, this is a big must.

In the studio, are you a software guy, a hardware guy or a combination of the two? What couldn’t you live without in your studio?

Used to be a big hardware guy a few years ago when my mate and I had our studios joined together in one huge downstairs rumpus room, but relocating to Europe, and the limited space most people have to live in forced me to cut down and condense the studio. That being said I’m still a sucker for analog synths. Love the warmth and imperfections in sound.

Still have my Roland SH2 and MKS70, but software has largely been able to replace my hardware, as I’ve multi sampled most of my synths and made custom Kontakt banks from them. I’ll take this opportunity to plug my Sound Design outlet, where I’m releasing these banks for Kontakt and EXS24.

Can you tell us about your current project ‘FutureForm’ music? What else is in the pipeworks for you?

This is my first label project, kicked off recently with my partner in crime, Pete Helskanki. We have our first release scheduled for 10 April, featuring an original from Quivver, titled ‘The Fog’ and remixes from Cid Inc and DNYO. The 002 sees Kassey Voorn deliver a remixed EP of Quivver’s original. We have some big tunes coming through from some really talented producers, so you can expect one release per month from us, to ensure consistency, quality and longevity of the label.

The label is actually one facet of the wider FutureForm Collective, an overarching brand that will also encompass other outlets such as a sound design department and touring services later down the track. It’s a life-long project that will hopefully grow and evolve organically with the assistance of a multi-faceted team of passionate and talented minds.

What can the Prognosis faithful expect when you hit Melbourne next month? Are there any artists, labels or tunes that are rocking your world right now?

They should prepare themselves for some serious fun! I’ll be dropping plenty of bouncy, melodic, driving tunes. A stockpile of my own productions as well as stuff acquired whilst overseas is sure to be unleashed. At the moment, I’m really feeling tunes from Bodzin, Romboy, Max Cooper, Cid Inc, Andre Sobota, Ryan Davis, Dousk, Kobana and Maceo Plex to name a few.

To settle an age old quandary, who would win in a fight; a toasted cheese sandwich or a taco?

Cheese toasty fo sho! It’d melt all over, crush and suffocate its weak and helpless victim.

And finally, no Prognosis would be complete without a wee tipple and a healthy dose of shenanigans, what’s your drink of choice?

It ain’t a real party without some shenanigans right? I’ve been known to get stuck into a few Zubrowka and apple mixes (the most deliciously dangerous vodka I came across in Poland), and I can’t say no to an icy Deustch Weisbier.

Thanks again for your time and we look forward to your set at Prognosis.

Cheers! Really pumped for this one.

More Verve?

You can catch Verve headlining our next Prognosis – April 20th @ LOOP

Interview by Simon Murphy

PROGNOSIS – April 20th @ LOOP

by J-Slyde

Prognosis - April 20th EFlyer

The Prognosis crew is back in April to once again turn Loop on its head with a shenanigan packed night loaded with audio and visual treats.

Brisbane’s own Verve will be making the trip down to unleash some of his emotive, melodic, groovy progressive. Taking the world by storm with his productions and his DJ sets, Verve has been hand picked to share his take on the sound that the Prognosis massive love. An honor to have such a talented young artist join the Prognosis ranks, this will be special.

Melbourne’s own Trent McDermott will be making his Prognosis debut in a set that will no doubt confirm why he is so highly regarded both in Australia and across the globe. Trent’s eclectic music taste has seen his career last over a decade and his dedication to the scene is clear to see. This set will see Trent delve into an enormous collection of tunes and wind the BPM’s back and deliver some gems that he has been hanging to play.

Rounding out this epic lineup, regulars Herc Kass and Alex David will be digging deep to show why they continue to turn heads with their take on all things techno, house and progressive. Residents J-Slyde and Aaron Static will hold down the fort with their blends of musical madness and Vdmo Kstati will provide the visual delights in what is set to be another HUGE night.


Verve (BRIS / FutureForm / Particles / Lowbit)

Trent McDermott (Prog Set)

Herc Kass

Alex David

Aaron Static



vdmo Kstati


Saturday, 20th April – 10:00pm til late


Loop – 23 Meyers Place


100% FREE!!


Exclusive Artist Interview with Verve

Prognosis April Promo – Mixed by Verve

Prognosis February Promo – Mixed by Herc Kass & Chris Meehan

by J-Slyde

Prognosis Feb Promo Cover

In the lead up to our February edition of Prognosis, upcoming guests Herc Kass and Chris Meehan have put together a fantastic promo mix. Brilliantly executed with a selection of some of the finest progressive and tech-tinged club bangers, this is a perfect taster of what you can expect from the boys set come February 16th @ Loop. The mix, in its 1 hour entirety, is now available to download for free.



by J-Slyde

Prognosis Feb 2013 EFlyer

Sooo it seems like the merry men down at Prognosis missed the memo about the silly season ending and have nabbed another scorching lineup to fill your February with party time frivolity.

What better place to start than the ridiculously talented, Brisbane based, progressive poster-child Rich Curtis. With tunes on some of the best labels in the business being supported by the likes of umm… EVERYONE and a DJing resume that reads like a who’s who of progressive house, this is definitely a set you ain’t gonna wanna miss.

Joining him are none other than Herc Kass and Chris Meehan who return to dish up another dose of their collective progressive weaponry. Mish’Chief who was a late scratching on her last booking is pumped to be taking the reigns at Prognosis and will be working her enchanting musical magic. Marcus Holder will also be making his Prognosis debut with some deep delicacies to get things moving.

Add the ever reliable residents, crazy visuals, cocktails, dance-floor shenanigans and you’ve got all the makings for yet another memorable night @ Loop. And it’s FREEEEE!


Rich Curtis (BRIS / Sudbeat / Proton / Replug)

Herc Kass (Mesmeric / Movement / Kiss FM)

Chris Meehan (Mesmeric / Kiss FM)

Mish’Chief (Instinct)

Marcus Holder

Aaron Static



VJ PiedPiper


Saturday, 16th February – 10:00pm til late


Loop – 23 Meyers Place


100% FREE!!