Mixed Substance ~ Set Times

by J-Slyde

Mixed SubstanceSet times for Mixed Substance @ Brown Alley on Friday September 24th, have been finalised. Looking to be one SHIT HOT night!
Please take note that there will be a 3am lock-out, so ensure you leave enough time to get up those stairs 🙂

10.00 Mouka
11.00 Simon Murphy
12.00 Tahl
01.00 Daniel Farley (DJ)
02.00 J-Slyde
03.00 Muska
04.30 Taran M
05.30 Tavish

10:00 Kodiak Kid
12:00 Fergus
01:00 Craig Pringle
02:00 Tavish
03:00 Rich Ok
04:00 Shift Sly vs JD
05:00 DiiSTORTiiON
06:00 – RECOVERY Daniel Farley

MIXED SUBSTANCE comp winners!

by J-Slyde

Here are the winners for our Mixed Substance competition!
Each lucky person will receive FREE entry for themselves and then glist priced entry for whoever else they bring along on the night. Thanks to all that entered! There were some really fantastic entries but unfortunately we could only pick 5. As a special thanks, all runners-up will receive general glist entry – we know it’s not much, but it’s the least we could do 🙂

Full details on the event can be found HERE
See you all on Sept 24th!



Vegemite… cause… I’m a happy little Vegemite
As bright as bright can be.
We all enjoy our Vegemite
For breakfast, lunch, and tea.
My mummy says I’m growing stronger
Every single week,
Because I love my Vegemite –
I adore our Vegemite –
It puts a rose in every cheek.


H20 – I can drink it and it keeps me going all night! I can also swim in it and cool off or throw it on my friends for fun. It also cleans me and my clothes and dishes! I love H20!!


My favorite substance is Baconaise because every sandwich should taste like bacon. http://www.baconnaise.com Nom nom mmmm Bacon!!!


Kryptonite! Everyone knows that super villains throw the best parties. But no amount of drugs can save your night when superman comes to crash the party! But a healthy dose of kryptonite in your pocket will keep the ‘hero’ at bay until YOU are ready to stop partying. Also chromium. Cause it sounds cool

The Ache

My favourite sub-stance involves me climbing atop the bass stack of speakers, pulling the bottom of my t-shirt through the neck hole and gyrating my hips in time to “Jackie”. (nipple tassles are optional of course)
Clearly the best stance you can have on a sub…and the most sexy of course!



Mixed Substance Audio Treats!

by J-Slyde

SpkrNot sure what to expect for Mixed Substance? Need some music to tire you over until the event? We gots shit covered!

Listed below are a handful of free downloads from some of the DJs that’ll be playing on the night. They give a great snapshot of what to expect. Totally free to download, high quality musak fo’ ya earz! No catch – our treat!

Full info on Mixed Substance can be found HERE. See you all on Sept 24th!!

Muska ~ August 2010 Mix

J-Slyde ~ Live @ Loop Bar

Mouka ~ Live @ Substance 2nd Bday

Rich OK ~ The Weekend Starts Kicked Mashup

Simon Murphy ~ Live @ Interview

Simon Murphy ~ Live @ Unstable Sounds


by J-Slyde

For those that aren’t too keen on forking over a measly $10 for Mixed Substance we’ve got 5 free passes to give away. To win yourselves one all you have to do is answer this simple question:

What is your favourite Substance?

Simply reply in the comment field at the bottom of this page with your answer. The 5 most creative entries will score FREE entry for themselves and glist entry for whoever else they bring along on the night. Keep your entries clean and inventive!

Entries drawn Friday 10th September!
Winners will be notified via Email, so please ensure you use correct details.


R.I.P Substance Forum

by J-Slyde

As a few are already aware, late last week we shut the doors on the Substance Forum. Over the past few months traffic and posts had died down to a minimum, so we saw no point in keeping it online. We here at Substance HQ would like to take this chance to thank all that contributed and forum’d over the past few years whilst it was active. Many a heated discussion was had, along with countless laughs and hilarious posts (can anyone say “Naz fail”?). So we thought it was fitting to throw some massive props out to all who shared some time with us on the forum – it was definitely a memorable experience and a time im sure many will come to remember fondly in the years to come.

Dont stress tho, our web presence will continue via this website, Facebook and Twitter. As most would’ve noticed, the website is now fully functional with commenting features, so if you feel the need to get some discussion going, comment away!

Feel free to reminisce with us by sharing your favorite forum moments. We might look at posting up a list of some of the favs later down the track.

Here’s a list of the top 15 posters as of closing. Needless to say its obvious that the forum was well loved. 😉

01. J0rdz 5580
02. XcileD 5051
03. moomoo 4867
04. Claire 4837
05. Holz82 4297
06. Knackers 4221
07. -Bo- 4104
08. finch 2959
09. bec.f 2462
10 Vez 1829
11. kosti 1696
12. Danza 1164
13. jaz 730
14. leejay83 704
15. CaSsBoP 684

Thanks again to everyone who was apart of the action 🙂



Mixed Substance ~ Sept 24th

by J-Slyde

Mixed Susbtance

Mixed Messages & Substance team up Friday September 24th to bring crews and djs together to experience a night of electronic music of all styles. These two crews are renowned for their awesome vibe and ability to mash up music of all underground and party styles.

This night promises to be a spectacular event incorporating Decor – Music – Vibe, good people and 2 rooms including the Garden Bar roof top area.


Special Guest – Daniel Farley (NZ)
Muska / Tahl / J-Slyde / Taran M / Mouka / Tavish / Simon Murphy / Diistortiion / Kodiak Kid / Rich OK / JD vs Shifty Sly / Craig Pringle / Fergus


Friday, 24th September


Brown Alley – 585 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000


$10 glist – Say “SUBSTANCE” at the door!
$15 general


Facebook Event





The Substance krew are a group of like minded party goers dedicated to bringing the freshest sounds to the Melbourne party scene. They endeavor to offer something fresh and different to their punters. Not adhering to current ’nightclub etiquette’, the Substance elite DJ krew showcase sounds from a plethora of different electronic genres and styles on any given event – giving their punters an orgasmic journey through the aural delights of EDM.

Substance don’t have to sell anything, the line up speaks for itself. A little bit of everything mixed in with a whole lot of fun. The formula to make the substance is simple. Start with concentrated breaks blended into Electro. Mix in a beaker of tech, a test tube of prog, a spatula full of minimal and a litmus test of trance and everything in between in what promises to be a fanatical night of auditory assault.

With a stellar line up of kick ass residents and a galaxy of local and Interstate special guests throughout the year Substance is guaranteed to bring you nothing more than a good time. So keep your eye’s on the look out and your ears to the ground as we lay down some serious sounds!



The Mixed Messages philosophy centers on cultivating new concepts in dance music culture and evolving current trends in the way that dance music is created, played and enjoyed. We acknowledge that any subculture has the ability to magnify human foible and virtue. Moreover, we seek to uphold the integrity of dance music culture by readily embracing the power that our industry has to make positive changes that extend to the wider community. We do this through the emphasizing a high-quality club product and rejecting the aspects of club culture that compromise the characteristically underground notion of being ‘all about the music’.

Our music policy steps outside the restriction of genre and defies the popular notion of playing only club anthems. Our DJs are encouraged to consider a Mixed Messages party as an opportunity to exhibit their art through structuring sets that could not be heard anywhere else. A Mixed Messages DJ reads the room and responds by taking everyone present on a journey of sound, infused with their own signature style which keeps people coming back weekend after weekend. The appeal for a DJ to play a Mixed Messages party has enabled us to secure the best DJs from each genre that is definitive of the Melbourne underground sound. We have an unrivaled artist roster for our regular nights and carefully tailor our touring line-ups to best suit the hosting venue.