Prognosis December Promo – Mixed by Andrew Wowk

by J-Slyde

andrew_wowkSydney residing, musically talented, all-round nice guy and one of our guest DJs for our December 20th edition of Prognosis, Andrew Wowk, has graced us with an expertly crafted promo mix in the lead up! It’s a seriously delicious affair that blurs the lines between deep melodic techno and progressive infused house – exactly the type of sounds we like to hear at Prognosis!

Here’s what Andrew had to say…
“I am lucky enough to be heading down to Melbourne to play at Prognosis on December 20th, so I put together a mix of some tunes I am liking at the moment that are relevant to the night. It’s not a “here’s all the stuff I’m going to play” type mix…it’s more of a snapshot of some of the things I’m enjoying at the moment that I think fit the Prognosis ethos. Hope you enjoy it!”


Head on over to Soundcloud to download and stream, and ensure your volume dial is set to MAX!

Further details on our December 20th edition of Prognosis can be found here!

Prognosis June Promo – Mixed by Rich Curtis

by J-Slyde

Progonsos June Promo Mixed by Rich Curtis

Prognosis June Promo mixed by @Rich-Curtis
Mixed live using 2 x CDJ2000’s and an Allen & Heath DB4 Mixer

You can catch Rich playing at our next Prognosis on June 15th at Loop, in Melbourne.

01. Timo Maas – Tantra
02. Francesco Pico – You Changed My Way (Dousk Mix)
03. Andre Sobota – Chances
04. Rich Curtis – Flannel Lime Parade (Dosem Remix)
05. Gabriel Ananda – Warm Cologne (Alexander Kowalski Mix)
06. Dosem – Avanta
07. Justin Vandervolgen – Clapping Song
08. Wehbba – Backlash
09. Satoshi Tomiie – Love In Traffic (Mike Griego Bootleg)
10. 16 Bit Lolitas – Caught Behind Mars vs Simon & Shaker – Plastic Upgrades (Rich Curtis Mashup)
11. Nicole Moudaber – Fly With You
12. Chris Gavin – Nice View (Omid 16B Remix)

Prognosis April Promo – Mixed by Verve

by J-Slyde


In the lead up to our April edition of Prognosis our headlining guest, Verve, has offered up his skills to mix the next installment in our Prognosis Promo Mix series. Delivering a storming 1 hour mix full of prog and tech sounds this is a taster of what you can expect come April 20th @ Loop. The mix is now available to download for free! Enjoy! πŸ™‚


01. Reflection Soul – Nova (Original Mix) [Stereo Paradise]
02. PROFF – Countdown (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
03. Poison Pro – Alien (Kobana’s Darkside Dub) [Proton]
04. Kastis Torrau & Arnas D – Atlantic (Original Mix) [Perspectives Digital]
05. Quivver – The Fog (Kassey Voorn Vintage Mix) [FutureForm Music]
06. Dousk – Hammer (Jamie Stevens & Steve Ward Remix) [Vapour]
07. Dapple Apple – Hubble Sphere (Verve Remix) [Particles]
08. Guy J – Lost n Found (Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur Remix) [Lost & Found]
09. Hells Kitchen – Nothing But Fire (Original Mix) [Stereo Paradise]
10. Thank You City – Ten Thousand Hours (Original Mix) [Chameleon Recordings]

Prognosis February Promo – Mixed by Herc Kass & Chris Meehan

by J-Slyde

Prognosis Feb Promo Cover

In the lead up to our February edition of Prognosis, upcoming guests Herc Kass and Chris Meehan have put together a fantastic promo mix. Brilliantly executed with a selection of some of the finest progressive and tech-tinged club bangers, this is a perfect taster of what you can expect from the boys set come February 16th @ Loop. The mix, in its 1 hour entirety, is now available to download for free.


J-Slyde & Simon Murphy on Elements Radio

by J-Slyde

Our boys J-Slyde and Simon Murphy joined James Brooke on his Elements Radio show for a Prognosis takeover. Taking over the entire segment, the boys offered up a mix each covering the type of sounds they’ve been pushing at their Prognosis events.

Both are available to download in mp3 format via their respective Soundcloud pages.
Thanks to those who tuned in on the night!



J-Slyde & Simon Murphy – Live @ Brown Alley – Sept 23rd 2011

by J-Slyde

Hybrid, Tetrameth, Rack n Ruin, Solar Fields FlyerOur two head-wigs, Simon Murphy and J-Slyde, have finally gotten round to sorting out their live recording from the Hybrid and Solar Fields gig a few months back.

They played a peak-time set in main room inbetween the main acts. Bridging the gap from Hybrid’s techy prog and prog breaks, and setting the stage for Solar Fields intelligent psy, the boys did well in keeping the vibe and entertaining the heaving crowd. Taking influences from both their coined styles, the boys were able to find common ground with the music that they brought to the table. What followed is a fantastic peak-time set full of progressive and tech flavours.

Free download via Soundcloud. Enjoy!


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Simon Murphy
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