IMAGINARIUM pres. by Instynct & Prognosis – Nov 4th @ My Aeon

by J-Slyde


I am a dreamer
I am a dancer
It’s our nature to come together, our desire to connect and find shared meaning with others. For as long as time we have found cause to unite, share stores and celebrate the magic of life through expression in art, music and dance. In these moments we remember who we truly are, what we dream of and what could be.

We are the stars and the moon with boundless energy and creativity. We are the dreamers and the dancers… welcome to IMAGINARIUM… a place where anything is possible and everything is beautiful.

Our next INSTYNCT gathering joins two great tribes. INSTYNCT welcomes Prognosis headed by local legends Simon Murphy and J-Slyde who will be hosting the upper room from midnight ‘til dawn.
With a stable of amazing Audio and Visual talent, a Production and Décor crew to transform our IMAGINARIUM playground and YOU we know it’s going to be a magical evening exploring worlds built in sound and light.


* Mish’chief (Instynct)

* J-Slyde (Prognosis)

* Simon Murphy (Prognosis)

* Chris Meehan / Jayson Holden (Instynct)

* Thad Lester (Prognosis)

* Monchu (Instynct)

* COOKie (Instynct)

* Eeemus (Prognosis)

* Miyagi / Mo Ichi (Instynct)


Bluºe)MD Vj-Dj


Environment design and décor – Mad Decor
Free your mind, trust your Instinct and let your imagination run wild.


Presales via Event Brite. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE. Or $20 on the door.


My Aeon – 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria 3056

Beats drop from 10pm on the Funktion 1 sound system – spread the word and join the Tribe who dreams big, loves passionately and dances with abandonment.


by J-Slyde

Technosis Oct 17th 2015 set times

Technosis - October 17th 2015 Eflyer


After a MONSTER maiden voyage of Technosis, the Prognosis crew are once again kicking the tunes on offer square into techno territory with some local favourites along for the ride!!!!

►►► LINEUP ◄◄◄

Scott Freedman
Simon Murphy
Aaron Static

►►► VISUALS ◄◄◄

vdmo Kstatii

►►► WHERE ◄◄◄

Loop – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD

►►► WHEN ◄◄◄

Saturday, 17th October – 10pm till LATE

►►► PRICE ◄◄◄

100% FREE!!

PROGNOSIS ft Phil K – June 27th @ LOOP

by J-Slyde

Prognosis June 2015 Set Times

Prognosis June 2015 Eflyer

Phil K headline’s the June 27th edition of Prognosis along with feature guests Mish’Chief and Sebastian Wild.

And if that wasn’t reason enough to get down, it’ll also be our first run on Loop’s state-of-the-art new Void sound system!

Get ready to be swept away by deep, rich, pulsating bass lines, combined with the peerless, crisp clarity of mid and upper ranges via Void’s innovative, superior quality sound system technology, as heard in Monarch (San Francisco), Joshua Brooks (Manchester) DC10 and Sands (Ibiza).

Phil K
Sebastian Wild
Simon Murphy
Aaron Static


vdmo Kstati


Loop – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD
Google Maps Link

● WHEN ●

Saturday, 27th June – 10pm till LATE


100% FREE!!


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NANOPLEX & Ben Coda – Jan 31st @ La Di Da

by J-Slyde

Nanoplex and Ben Coda Set Times

The collective musical minds behind Prognosis, FutureForm Music and Instinct Events are pleased to present…

Nanoplex & Ben Coda - Jan 31st @ La Di Da - Eflyer

Nanoplex (Iboga Records/Flow/NANO RECORDS)
& Ben Coda (LOT49/Flow/FutureForm)

On the back of a MASSIVE 2014 with shows across the globe from Boom Festival to Glastonbury Festival, Ben Coda is down under for a string of shows including the legendary Rainbow Serpent Festival.

We couldn’t let the lad head back to the UK without laying down a NANOPLEX set for the Melbourne crowd as well as a Ben Coda set for those who miss the magic at RSF. Thankfully he is happy to oblige.


NANOPLEX – Exclusive Melbourne Set! (Iboga Records/Flow/NANO RECORDS)
BEN CODA (LOT49/Flow/FutureForm)
Herc Kass (FutureForm Music)
Simon Murphy (Prognosis)
J-Slyde (Prognosis)
Mish’chief (Instinct Events)
Alex David (Prognosis)
Miza (Rework)

Gabriel Gilmour


vdmo Kstati


La Di Da – 577 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
Google Maps Link


8pm till late


$15 pre-sales now available via Resident Advisor
$15 with a Rainbow Serpent Afterglow pass
$20 on the door

Further info:

Facebook Event | La Di Da


by J-Slyde

Prognosis August 2014 EFlyer

This August the gang down at Prognosis have decided to throw the hootenanny of all hootenannies. A grand spectacle no doubt and one for the record books with special guest Dylan Griffin headlining the occasion and making his Prognosis debut. The brains behind the successful AU Underground podcast series, key contributor at Subsonic plus a tour schedule that has seen him traveling around Australia and beyond, Dylan has been stamping his mark with his musical talents for nearly a decade. Even if he is originally from Sydney, you’ll be glad he made the move down to Melbourne when you sample his sonic offerings.

To accompany our headliner and to ensure the madness reigns supreme, the lads have invited some of their favourite regulars to play versus sets with the unruly residents. Already knowing each others musical tastes inside out, these versus sets are going to be a melting pot of ideas, inspirations and let’s face it, idiocy in unhealthy doses.

Mish’Chief, Melbourne’s first lady of staunch techno is first up as she graces the Loop stage to pick up where she left off (loud and in charge). Prognosis favourite, progressive kingpin Herc Kass will also be down with a whole new bag of tricks as his label FutureForm Music moves ahead in leaps and bounds. Darkbeat’s Dave Juric stops by on the back of support slots for some really famous blokes, flying the flag for the progressive resurgence the scene is seeing. The tallest man in showbiz, ridiculously talented production powerhouse Kultrun returns for a long overdue set and will prove once and for all that he isn’t a first class jerk. Rounding out the guest list is Alex David who has been keeping himself busy in the studio since his last slot, tweaking his sound and amassing a new legion of fans from his recent mixes.

The residents J-Slyde, Aaron Static and Simon Murphy have each picked a suitable target with whom they will be laying down tunes and are excited to mix things up from the regular formula to see what magic comes of it. Visual input will once again be provided by vdmo Kstati whose artistic genius rounds out the package perfectly.

Strap on your snow chains cos it’s gonna get slippery!!!


Dylan Griffin – AU Underground

Herc Kass – FutureForm

Mish’chief – Instinct

Dave Juric – Darkbeat


Alex David

Aaron Static

Simon Murphy



vdmo Kstati


Saturday, August 23rd – 10pm till LATE!


Loop – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne


100% FREE!






by J-Slyde

Prognosis Dec 2013 Eflyer

As the year 2013 draws to a close and we reflect upon the year we have had, we surround ourselves with those we hold dearly, reminisce about the good times (and the bad) whilst looking towards the coming year with the wide eyed positivity and wild imagination of a child. Momentarily it’s quite wonderful…. Then BAM, every shop you enter exhumes every remaining glint of positivity out through a carol-laden ride into Scrooge’s bah humbug mentality. This my friends, is where we discover the true meaning of Christmas… sipping on your beverage of choice whilst flailing ones arms over-enthusiastically and flushing out your poor carol-effected ears with the finest of tunes provided by some of Melbourne’s best… i.e. IT’S PROGNOSIS TIME.

And what a special treat we have for you. One of Australia’s most loved and highly regarded tune experts (plus Murphy’s favourite DJ of all time), Dave Pham is set to grace the Prognosis stage for the first (and long overdue) time. Listing his auditory achievements and dancefloor conquests would take us until at least next Christmas so let us just say this… Dave Pham is about as good as it gets… anywhere. The music speaks for itself… it’s Pretty Simple really.

Also making his Prognosis debut is long time dancefloor warrior and tune encyclopaedia Brynley Cullen. As the host of Doesn’t Matter with his crew of merry men, Cullen is a true advocate of all that is musically mindblowing and will fit right in with the audiophiles at Prognosis. The next two local heroes need no introduction and are regular fixtures on the Loop stage. Mish’Chief is back to lay down her signature staunch techno, delivered with delightful devastation that we all love so much whilst Herc Kass returns to settle unfinished business with the dancefloor he has captivated on numerous occasions.

With Captain J-Slyde on shore leave to Europe for a few weeks, Simon Murphy and Aaron Static round out the lineup and are under strict instructions to maximise shenanigans whilst delivering their blend of chromatic Christmas calamity. With vdmo Kstati on visuals, regulars that throw shapes on the dancefloor that would make even Kris Kringle blush, more techno than you could poke a reindeer at and a year’s worth of memories to cheers to, expect a BIG one.


Dave Pham


Herc Kass

Brynley Cullen

Simon Murphy

Aaron Static


vdmo Kstati


Saturday, 21st December


Loop – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD


100% FREE!