PROGNOSIS – June 18th @ LOOP

by J-Slyde

Prognosis June 18th 2016

The June edition of Prognosis see’s AU Underground head-honcho, Dylan Griffin, back for his second outing under the ‘Nosis banner. Joining him on the guest-train are newcomers Trevor Rose and Dave Hutton who’ll both be popping their prog-cherry.

Residents J-Slyde, Simon Murphy and Aaron Static hold down support duties whilst the amazingly talented visual maestro Shinythings commands the visual aspect of the night via Loop’s two 30ft screens.

FREE entry as always. Cold drinks and hot beats all night.


Dylan Griffin
Trevor Rose
Dave Hutton
Simon Murphy
Aaron Static



// WHEN:

Saturday, 18th June. 10pm – LATE


Loop Project Space & Bar – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD



Dylan Griffin: AU Underground, DJing & Why Melbourne is Better

by J-Slyde

In the lead-up to our August edition of Prognosis, J-Slyde sat down with Dylan Griffin for a quick Q&A to grill the man on everything from the reasons behind his recent move to Melbourne through to future plans for his hugely successful podcast series, AU Underground. Read on for more!

Dylan Griffin

You’ve just recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne. What spurred on the move? It wasn’t just because Prognosis is Melbourne based, was it?

18 months in Melbourne town has flown by and it now feels like home, my other love besides music is wine, and the wine scene and the electronic music scene is more vibrant here and more to my taste and I wanted the change.

There’s big rivalry between Syd and Melb, have you noticed much difference as far as the electronic music scene goes? Melbourne’s is way more vibrant, right?

Haha, putting words in my mouth. Im going to try and be the diplomat here… they are different scenes both with their pitfalls and highlights, for example the dance floors can be slightly more energetic in Sydney than Melbourne, but in Melbourne the people are refreshingly less concerned about the hype and the look than the more image conscious Sydneysiders. And lets just say I connect a lot better with the music coming out of Melbourne and have made some very dear friends that made me feel like I was finally home.

In the decade since you’ve been DJing at a professional level you’ve manage to rack up a huge list of support slots for a bevvy of globally respected artists such as Max Cooper, Gabriel Ananda, Boris Brejcha and Kosmas Epsilon, to name but a few. Who were some of your favourites to support?

I’ve been very fortunate with some of those support bookings. Mostly for the sentimental value, the highlight would be my first role supporting a big international and that was warming up for Kosmas Epsilon (when he was at the height of his popularity) many many years ago that Subsonic had booked me for. I was super excited and with a packed room right at peak time trying my best to show some restraint in a heaving club.

Many will be familiar with your AU Underground Podcast series which has now been going for just over 2 years. Can you explain the premise behind the series and why you started it?

After working closely with record labels for many years I had made some great connections and relationships with producers… I also felt like I had gotten to know the Australian dance music scene intimately across the 3 major states NSW, VIC and QLD. I wanted to do something with that and coupled with the desire of having something of my own whilst still being a big proponent of Australian electronica. At the time there was also no podcast series firmly focused on exclusively Australian producers and DJs and I wanted to fill that void.

You’ve featured some hugely talented local acts and artists since AU Underground’s inception. Without picking favourites, can you pinpoint a few recent highlights? or a good place for a new listener to start?

Ignoring what I see as my then droll and nervous presentation I think 002 Trinity is a great place to start and still one of my favourites, other recent highlights include YokoO, Robbie Lowe and Christian Vance.

What’s planned for future editions? Can you let us in on who you’ll be featuring next?

Dean Benson from well known Melbourne crew Stable Music is up next. And AU Underground is going to take a focus on festivals and event crews over the summer too.

Do you think AU Underground has helped progress and open doors for your DJing career, or do you look at them as totally separate entities?

That wasn’t the purpose but it would be silly not to see that AUU has helped raise my DJ profile, no doubt, and the two go hand in hand. I listen to loads of music and do test and feature local producers in a lot of my sets.

Your DJ career has seen you not only traveling interstate, but also playing internationally in places like India and Thailand. What has been your favourite international gig so far?

Kolour in Bangkok has to be one of my favourite events, amazingly professional, sold out shows in unique and incredible venues, whether it be surfing wave machines at the show or playing a gig 20 stories high on a rooftop to a thousand people, these guys know how to throw a party !

Dylan Griffin Live @ Eclipse

What were some of the main differences when playing to overseas crowds?

Male to Female ratios on the dance floor can be a big one, especially so in India where it is so male dominant. And of course the taste in music can vary quite a bit.

Which leads me to my next question… Popular genres and “in” sounds can differ vastly from country to country, do you find yourself adapting your sound when you play overseas? or, on an even smaller scale, interstate gigs?

I’ll definitely take a little bit more cheese to some parts of Asia as back up in-case some of the more underground sounds aren’t as easily digestible, haha. Melbourne certainly has a different palate. I also notice Queensland, particularly Cairns, do go for the more progressive and up tempo style sounds than the other states, I think due to the big influence the Open Records imprint has up there. I really like the variety and change between countries and states to be honest, it can give me a chance to play something I wouldn’t normally play and in some cases take more risks.

What can we expect from your feature set at Prognosis on Aug 23rd?

Im gonna dig up a few old classics I think and put them into a fresher context with some new stuff I’m really digging at the moment as well some unreleased Subsonic Music tracks that I haven’t tested yet!

And last but not least – top five tunes that have influenced your DJing the most?

That is an almost impossible question, hahaha… shit! So here is 6 instead, of mostly all old tracks that inspired me and helped shape the way I wanted to move people at different times over the years..

Trentemoller – Moan (Trentemoller Remix)

Joris Voorn – Deep side of the moog

Layo & Bushwacka! – The big dream (Martin Buttrich Remix)

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – Ferdinand

Extrawelt – Soopertrack

Stimming – Melodica

For more on Dylan be sure to check out his Soundcloud and AU Underground.
You can catch him playing at Prognosis on August 23rd @ Loop


by J-Slyde

Prognosis August 2014 EFlyer

This August the gang down at Prognosis have decided to throw the hootenanny of all hootenannies. A grand spectacle no doubt and one for the record books with special guest Dylan Griffin headlining the occasion and making his Prognosis debut. The brains behind the successful AU Underground podcast series, key contributor at Subsonic plus a tour schedule that has seen him traveling around Australia and beyond, Dylan has been stamping his mark with his musical talents for nearly a decade. Even if he is originally from Sydney, you’ll be glad he made the move down to Melbourne when you sample his sonic offerings.

To accompany our headliner and to ensure the madness reigns supreme, the lads have invited some of their favourite regulars to play versus sets with the unruly residents. Already knowing each others musical tastes inside out, these versus sets are going to be a melting pot of ideas, inspirations and let’s face it, idiocy in unhealthy doses.

Mish’Chief, Melbourne’s first lady of staunch techno is first up as she graces the Loop stage to pick up where she left off (loud and in charge). Prognosis favourite, progressive kingpin Herc Kass will also be down with a whole new bag of tricks as his label FutureForm Music moves ahead in leaps and bounds. Darkbeat’s Dave Juric stops by on the back of support slots for some really famous blokes, flying the flag for the progressive resurgence the scene is seeing. The tallest man in showbiz, ridiculously talented production powerhouse Kultrun returns for a long overdue set and will prove once and for all that he isn’t a first class jerk. Rounding out the guest list is Alex David who has been keeping himself busy in the studio since his last slot, tweaking his sound and amassing a new legion of fans from his recent mixes.

The residents J-Slyde, Aaron Static and Simon Murphy have each picked a suitable target with whom they will be laying down tunes and are excited to mix things up from the regular formula to see what magic comes of it. Visual input will once again be provided by vdmo Kstati whose artistic genius rounds out the package perfectly.

Strap on your snow chains cos it’s gonna get slippery!!!


Dylan Griffin – AU Underground

Herc Kass – FutureForm

Mish’chief – Instinct

Dave Juric – Darkbeat


Alex David

Aaron Static

Simon Murphy



vdmo Kstati


Saturday, August 23rd – 10pm till LATE!


Loop – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne


100% FREE!