Prognosis - April 16th @ LOOP

Prognosis ~ April 16th @ LOOP

Substance Sounds in conjunction with LOOP pres the newest concept in forward thinking nightlife! With two successful events under their belts the Prognosis krew are lining up...

Prognosis Promo Cover

Prognosis Promo 01 ~ Mixed by: J-Slyde

Mixed in preparation for Prognosis' second outing at Loop Bar on March 19th, J-Slyde offered up his skills to record a 2 hour mix compiling the many sounds of Prognosis. A journey that travels a gamut of styles and genres centered around Progressive and Techno music, this is a perfect taster of what you can expect from the sound system at Prognosis on any given night.

Thats it thats all… for more than awhile

After just under 10 years behind the decks, countless genres explored and so many amazing parties I’m officially hanging up my full time DJ/ Promoters hat. I have had an amazing time all through my career, especially the last 4 years but for me, my interest in dance music has fallen by the wayside. I’m not going to do the cliché rant of “The music has changed or the people have changed.” Cause the music has progressed and I haven’t and I’m cool with that.

Prognosis - March 19th Eflyer

Prognosis ~ March 19th @ Loop

Hot on the heels of their debut event the Prognosis krew are gearing up for their second chapter back at Loop. Smashing the venue sideways and showing Melbourne that there's a new team on the scene, their first event quite simply, WENT OFF! Partying till the early morn the krew had beats bumping, beers chugging, visuals projecting, lasers lasering and the crowd dancing till close of venue at 5am... And this time round is set to be of no exception!

Prognosis Feb 11th – Round Up

Prognosis Feb 11th – Round Up

Our debut event under our new Prognosis banner was held the other week on Feb 11th at Loop. A new concept that will run aside our usual...

Melbourne’s Beautiful Scene and why it’s the centre of the earth

When it comes down to brass tacks, we all know which city in Melbourne will forever hold the title of Australia’s electronic music capital and it is...