Paul Van Dyk - Out There and Back

My Top 5 influential releases ~ Early years and beyond, the music that got me playing!

These are the five albums that I feel have influenced not only my desire to play, but also my influence in exploring dance music as a whole....

Prognosis June

Prognosis ~ June 18th @ LOOP

With a mere three successful events under their belts, the Prognosis krew have secured themselves a bi-monthly residency at the infamous Loop (the 3rd Saturday of every...


Dubstep and beyond, what could possibly happen next?

Sub genre’s in general at the moment seem to be the new black and in the words of the famous rap tune “It don’t take much to...

Prognosis Promo 2

Prognosis Promo 2 ~ Mixed by Simon Murphy

Mixed in preperation of our April Prognosis event, and running hot off the heels of the first Prognosis Promo Mix, Simon Murphy, resident and all round nice guy, has offered up his skills and taken the reigns for our second offering. Covering Simon's unique take on Melodic Techno and Tech-House, it's an 80 minute journey that delves deep into the forward thinking music Simon has been pushing at our events. Available as a free download to all our loyal supporters!

Photo by Alison Spong

We Heart Simon Murphy

There are not too many people I can say that I have watched from punter/ promoter to DJ as gracefully as one man and that is Simon...

Prognosis Live Recordings

In the lead up to our third Prognosis event, which is set for April 16th @ LOOP – we thought we’d release a couple of the sets...