Mark Johns Releases New Track “Same Girl”

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Two years ago, Naomi Abergel was doing song covers and listening to electronic music as a hobby. When her friend Sable shared “In Paris,” her cover version of the Jay-Z/Kanye West song, to the online community, the DJ and music producer Skrillex was quick to notice Abergel’s talent. A few months later, Naomi Abergel found herself in LA getting signed to OWSLA. She picked the name Mark Johns from her favourite visual artist, Marc Johns.

The Montreal-native released her debut EP, Molino, last year and now she has finally launched her first work this 2017. She released her single “Same Girl” premiered on W magazine and with it came a different – or rather same old – Mark Johns. The song is about friends whom she recently got back in touch with and how they’ve each had their journeys in life. But through it all, they’re essentially the same people.

Check out the song below:

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Johns created the song following advice from her mentor, Skrillex, to stay true to herself. Apparently when she was an OWSLA neophyte, the young musician felt a lot of pressure which is why when working on Molino, she tried to “compound all this [electronic music stuff] and make it more condensed.” Her mentor, however, was firm on telling her that she could be whatever she wants. It took a while, but she has now heeded his advice.

Skrillex is also known to do things his own way and has notoriety for experimenting with music – both invaluable qualities if you want to establish yourself in this business. He has succeeded in working with numerous musicians, and even took to the stage not only at EDM festivals but he has also performed on stages catering to rock fans. A bold move many would never take.

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Last year for instance, the DJ opened for the rock legends Guns N’ Roses during the Houston, Texas leg of the band’s reunion tour. GNR fans were hyped as it was the first time the three original founding members (Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan) had performed together in over two decades. The last time they played live together was on the band’s tour supporting ‘Appetite for Destruction’, the band’s debut album that catapulted GNR to worldwide fame. It remains their best-selling album to date and many of its tracks have been used in a variety of other works, most notably in video games like the Guitar Hero franchise as well as the Guns N’ Roses video slots title. Needless to say, the last thing rock fans expected in an event this significant was electronic dance music, but Skrilly – as he’s also fondly known – was able to capture the crowd. The music producer told the Rolling Stone Magazine that his set even “became a big sing-along” at one point.

Such moments have shown Mark Johns that being genuine is still the best way to express your music. She plans on pushing on to this new direction which would eventually allow her to form a stronger musical identity. The 22-year-old is now reportedly focusing on creating her first full-length album.

Visit the official Mark Johns SoundCloud page to check out her other tracks.

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