Taran M

Taran M’s musical progression is as varied and fruity as the personality behind the decks. Having dabbled in nearly any genre that you can think of in the EDM his unilateral tune selection and style has seen him play all over Australia and through the Melbourne club scene. Beginnings came in the hard trance/ Rave scene where as a promoter his enthusiasm for music and abilities behind the decks were quickly picked up by club owners and punters alike. Taran established residencies at such clubs and crews as Hard Kandy, Elevation, Trauma, PHD, Online and Smilepolice as well as playing as a regular guest at such venues 3D and Bubble. Not just limited to the club’s Taran found himself playing festivals and parties such as Godskitchen, Kryal, WOTW, NRG, GOD new years and the Ignition parties in Adelaide. Supporting such names as the Organ Donors, Lab 4, Dave Joy, Alex Kidd, Nick Sentience, Pascal Feliz, Marou Piu, Nikki Sentience, Brisk and many others.

In a little over a year Taran had built a solid reputation in the EDM scene, then suddenly he disappeared. “I had overloaded myself with work both in the scene as a promoter and a dj and in my professional career, I had to weigh up what I was doing and where I was going and I decided to take an indefinite break from everything, It was hard to walk away but yeah I chose to step back for a little while.”

Taking a hiatus from DJing took him to Sydney where whilst not DJing he had a reaffirmation with the music. “I started listening to Electro and tech up in Sydney, got back to Melbourne and decided to start my own club.” With his good mates Rich OK and J-Slide, Taran opened “Substance” Which even though still in its infancy has become a well respected event on the Melbourne circuit, celebrating its first birthday in October 2008.

With a new quiver of tricks Taran’s new style focuses on a basis of melodic tech, splashing into Progressive, diving into tech house, swimming through electro and beaching with splashes of minimal. His sets tend to surf loosely through all of these genre’s with splashes of hip hop and accapella’s thrown in for good measure Developing tastes for such artists as Bookashade, Dubfire, Tocadisco, Tigerskin, D-nox and Beckers to name a few. Keen to enter into the realm of production Taran hopes to have his first tune completed by January.

Recently Taran has been heard banging out hip hop, Glitch and funk, which he has always loved and is insiting on playing now as a change up style from the electronic scene. Whilst the style may have changed the energy and craftsmanship behind the decks is still ever present as always he wears his passion and his music…. on his sleeve.

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