Chrissy Rooftop Guests!

by J-Slyde

Here’s a little info on our guests for our upcoming Chrissy Rooftop Party on Dec 18th at Terminus Hotel. We’re in for a ride!! 😀

Ru C.L

Ru C.L Bio Pic“Ru C.L” a.k.a. Rueben Campbell, is one of the most dynamic artists to emerge from the Hip Hop/Dancehall and Reggae scene. A ‘Jahstralian’ (Jamaican/Australian heritage) based in Melbourne, Ru C.L is an explosive entertainer with world wide appeal.

His talent is evident on every track of his first album “Straight Down The Line” a collaboration with Katalyst and executive producer Geoff Barrows of the acclaimed Portishead. This truly world class album was mixed and recorded in Bristol UK.

In his new Album ‘Brimstone & Fire’, Ru C.L returns with a skill-filled, exciting, unique, lyrically clever Hip Hop album. The production on this album has a classic Hip Hop universal sound, with a similarity in vocal delivery to the likes of Nas or Mos Def. Ru C.L is able to effortlessly cross between many genres. Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Sing Jay, Soul and R&B. ‘Brimstone & Fire’ leans more towards classic Hip Hop, however there is evidence of his diversity in this album. Ru C.L’s range of musical skills will always keep audiences eager to hear what is coming next. This Jahstralian charismatic performer is set to relight the fire with his new Hip Hop master piece ‘Brimstone & Fire’. Look out for this album to be released in 2011.

Ru C.L performs in various capacities which includes acting or as an MC for events such as Raggamuffin Festival 2010. His reputation within the Hip Hop, R&B Reggae and Dancehall community, has seen him share the stage with acts such as Jurassic 5, Pharcyde, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Guru, Super Natural, Estelle, Z trip, Mob Deep, Sly & Robbie, Mad Professor, Mighty Sparrow, Lee Scratch Perry, The Wailers, DJ Craze and many more. Ru C.L toured and performed nationally with the Black Eyed Peas & John Legend.

Ru C.L has been making his presence felt in the underground scene for many years now. His first release ‘Akshun’, was with ‘Mama’s Funk’. Ru C.L made a guest appearance on ‘1200 Techniques’ album and the video clip “Hard as Hell”. He has recorded and performed with ‘Plutonic’ and ‘Madlock’, as well as producing beats for the ‘Wolfgram Sisters’.

Ru C.L ‘s experiences are wide and varied, with projects such as ‘Guerrilla Style Tactics’ (his self-funded EP), ‘Dancehall Heavy mix tape’, ‘It’s Attractive’ (the theme track for Puma Clyde fashion series), to live performances at festivals such as the Jakarta Jazz Festival, Dreaming Festival, Big Day Out, Good Vibes, Groovin The Moo, Days Like This, Golden Plains, Homebake, Vibes on a Summers Day, Splendor In The Grass, Falls Festival, Reggae Town, Kowanyama Baby Festival.

Ru C.L has made numerous trips to Jamaica to visit family and friends over the years. He studied percussion and voice production at the Jamaican School Of Music.

Ru C.L is the lead percussionist for Jamaican born, singer, dancer, choreographer and storyteller ‘Queen Jigzie’ in her cultural show, ‘Sweet Sweet Jamaica’/Jamaica Irie. Queen Jigzie features on the EP ‘Guerilla Style Tactics’ and on the album ‘Straight Down The Line’.

Ru C.L comes from a very creative family of singers & dancers. His late father Peter Campbell was a renowned artist in the Australian contemporary and commercial art scene.



Michael Muska better known as Muska visited Melbourne for 1 year at the age of 18, before returning to Western Australia with an overwhelming passion for Techno. When returning home He found him self become immersed in the Drum & Bass and breaks scene for a number of years, raving and collecting music of this style aswell.

However Muska could never completely immerse himself in any other genera other then the ever evolving sounds of techno so as the scene in Perth was not moving in the direction he wanted, he moved back to Melbourne at the age of 22. Over the years however his overall taste for electronic music and his versatility in sound led to his current style of having his own flavor on techno unique to anyone else. His collection of music and understanding and knowledge of dance floors and styles of music allows Muska to adapt to almost any crowd you put in front of him being one of the only djs in Australia to play at almost any type of event.

On-top of djn Muska is well known around Australia as one of Melbourne biggest event organizers and bookers working for One of Australia’s most well established venues Brown Alley. It is there that Muska puts on and books in some of the worlds biggest international acts and shows of every style of Electronic music.

With a passion for all sounds Muska is also heavily involved in the drum n bass dub step scene. With Western Australian roots and predominantly growing up around this style of music Muska loves to get down and dirty with these types of events also. Which leads us to as why Muska’s events Mixed Messages is the first of a new party and online concept in which all styles of music artists and events are promoted out of a genuine love and passion for the entire electronic music scene.

Currently in 2010 Muska supports nearly every major techno lineup in the city, playing at events such as Darkbeat, Likes Of You, Sunny, summer Festivals and his own party concepts Mixed Messages as-well as touring nationally regularly.

2010 also see’s Muska making his way into the production field, after 6 years of being self taught on his chosen program Reason. Be sure to look out in the near future for solo projects and collaborations with some of Melbourne’s most respected producers as Muska goes into the studio full time in 2011. Something Muska has been working towards doing his entire carer.

Muska has hosted & supported internationals such as

Lutzenkirchen / Tomcraft / Martain Eyerer / Drumattic Twins / Worthy / Dekline / Chris Fortier / ANTIX / Stephen Bodzin / Meat Katie / Rouge Element / Elite Force / Mark Henning / Peter Juergen / Shapeshifter / Ewan Pearson / Kid Dub / Style Of Eye / Chew Fu Phat / Ed rush & Optical / Dave Spoon / Proxy / Jenifer Cardini / Matrik / Mark Romboy / Daniel Steinberg / Thomas Schumacher / Silicon Soul / Slam / Fergie / Stanton Warriors / Audion / Oxia / Dub Funk / Pan Tone / Jim Rivers / Lee Combes / Teebee & Calyix / TRG / DeadMau5 / Ricco Tubbs / SOS / Hybrid + more

As you can see by the acts Muska has supported you can start to get an idea of how diverse his sound can be a. His flavor of techno really does appeal to all parts of the dance music scene.

Juggling every style of electronic music, his own regular parties promotions blog and production it dose not take long to see why Muska’s is not only seen to be one of Melbourne’s most high profile dj acts but also one of the most hardest working djs in Australia.


Dave Juric

2010 has seen Dave Juric solidify himself in the Melbourne scene, playing regularly at some of the best venues and best parties over the year. The year started with an almighty bang as Clarity hosted Kasey Taylor and Luke Chable, a progressive fan’s wet dream. This was Dave’s first warm up for an ‘A grade’ DJ, and received an extremely positive response. Once again he was asked to fly up to Sydney this time to play at the infamous Chinese Laundry and has maintained his strong relationship with Darkbeat, being selected to be a part of the Darkbeat Local Sessions concept, focussed primarily on appreciating the talent we’ve got in our own backyard. Throughout the year Dave continued his involvement with Dynamic & Room680 which culminated on Cup Eve, as Deep toured another progressive legend from Israel, Moshic.

His sound has again diversified, being inspired by the immense amount of quality music available at any given weekend in Melbourne. It’s not uncommon to hear anything from down- tempo trip hop and drum & bass through to jackin’ Chicago house in one of his sets however generally likes to meander through the house & techno genres without forgetting his progressive roots and forever mindful of both time and space.


recoil plays Progressive, Progressive House & Power Lounge. More rhythmic & less synthy/trancey. Breaking up the pace by going into the deeper side of prog-house.
The emphasis is on less mnml & more on groove melodies, where the man aims to make his sets fun & danceable.

This fine young man also runs White Noise events, a night of Prog, Deep-Tech & Techno. Offering a deeper, more sinister dance music to Melbourne punters at unexplored venues.

Substance Merchandise Now Available!

by Taran M

Ever dreamt of what it would be like to wear Substance merchandise? Have someone look at you and see them go “Yeah that guy goes to Substance, he must be a cool guy… I’m going to buy him a drink”. Be that car in front of someone that is going all types of everywhere, proudly displaying a Substance sticker on your boot door?

Well thanks to the crew at Red Bubble you too can own a piece of Melbourne history and purchase Substance T-shirts, Hoodies and Stickers online. No more looking like a damn fool in your old threads, in a Substance Tee or Hoodie, doors start opening, shit starts happening. At 3:23am when your getting that drunken kebab, in your Substance T-shirt or Hoodie when you ask for extra Cheese, you’ll get extra cheese. Taxi drivers wont ask where you’re going, they’ll demand they take you. And in an instant that “Trafficking charge” will instantly be downgraded to “Possession with intent to distribute.” All of this just because you were representing, Substance style.

We have 2 different designs to choose from, with either black or white logos, in a variety of different colored Tees and Hoodies.
Stickers are also available in both designs, however, only in black.

Head on over to the online store HERE, or click on the links below to view and purchase! 10% of all sales go to the “Substance Party Fund”, helping make Substance events bigger and better!

T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Substance Horiztonal Sticker


In The Mix Looking Local Interview with Luke Chable and J-Slyde

by J-Slyde

In The MixIn the lead up to our Rooftop Party, In The Mix caught up with J-Slyde and Luke Chable for a quick interview about all things Substance and what to expect from Luke’s set.

Article is HERE. If you’re a member, show us some support and go and heart it!
Happy reading 🙂

With a genre-non-specific music policy and a grass-roots vibe, Substance has been doing its thing for over two years now. Its no-nonsense mission to bring people together to party has proven a hit. After hosting Danny Bonnici for a throwback set earlier this year, the crew has secured another Melbourne legend Luke Chable to dip back into his own classics. We bailed up the Substance players for this Looking Local feature.

What’s the musical philosophy behind Substance?
One of the key aspects we concentrate on when putting on Substance events is offering up an eclectic spread of electronic genres. As our music tastes are so varied I think it’s fair to say that the philosophy behind Substance is not to discriminate where the music is concerned as we find that there’s quality in every genre. We try really hard to convey that in the events we put on.

What have been some of the highlights from your two-and-a-bit years on the scene?
Every event we put on is a highlight! But if I had to narrow it down, our last Rooftop Party, which we held for our second birthday would have to be one of the biggest highlights we’ve had. We were lucky enough to secure Danny Bonnici for an exclusive old-school set – a producer I’ve admired since I first got into DJing and electronic music. It was such a huge thrill to have him down and a really humbling experience. The place was packed out, it was a great day, the crowd were up for a good time, music was on point and everyone had a rocking time. Then to top it off at the end of the night we received ‘the nod’ from a punter – it was like that scene from the movie Groove.

What are some of the risks with running a smaller-scale party in a city like Melbourne?
The risks aren’t really that much different when compared to larger type events. All the usual money-related risks that you face when you put on an event, ensuring you can pull a crowd, match bar spends, pay DJs, promoters and staff, and so on. Obviously because you’re putting on a smaller event the risks aren’t as large, but that is also true for the profit margin. So in a sense you’re running a tighter ship and are restricted a lot more.

Any ideal guests you’ve got your eyes on for the future?
We’ve got our eyes on a few – some Melbourne based DJs that have been in hibernation, like our last guest Danny Bonnici and our upcoming guest Luke Chable. We’ve always been about pushing local talent – there’s that much quality in our home town we don’t really see much need to be looking overseas or interstate just yet.

You’ve got Luke Chable playing an old-school set. What are you hoping to hear from him on the day?
The list is immense! Needless to say I’m a big fan. I’d really love to hear him play some of his older solo and remix work – things he released around the ‘03-05 mark. If I had to choose one track for him to play tho it’d be Melburn or his remix of Gus Gus – David. But I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever he plays. He’s such a talented artist, so I think we’re all in very safe hands.

How important is the venue for creating the right atmosphere at Substance?
It’s definitely up there, but I can safely say that it’s not the most important factor when it comes to creating the right atmosphere. Music is always at the top for us – that’s what we’ve been about from the start, and that’s what we’ll continue to push. The venue is always a close second though!
Sadly the venue we’re running in at the moment, Terminus Hotel in Abbotsford, has had residential apartments built around it, so it’s looking like we’re on our last few events before new sound restrictions are in force. If all goes to plan we’re hoping to get another one in before the end of the year. Check for upcoming info.


I know you’ve been busy with a rock project. Are you looking forward to revisiting the ‘old school’ for this party?
I’ve been very busy with the Empire project for a while now, but I’ve also been writing the possible last round of dance tunes before the showcase for the band. It’s always fun to have a look back at the classics of yesterday, but to have a party with them is even more fun.

Can the cyclical nature of dance music be exhausting, or is it essential to keep the scene interesting?
It’s tiring, yes. But at the same time, it has to happen, otherwise it would all fall on its arse.

Do you still feel Melbourne has the strongest club scene in Australia?
As I haven’t been to many clubs around the country and really experienced it, I couldn’t comment on that with any real evidence. However, I know Melbourne’s club scene is amazingly strong, and its not often you get a city with so many clubs and so many nights on all the time.

When your tracks like Ride and various remixes were making waves overseas, were you tempted to up and relocate?
I moved to Amsterdam in 2005, and spent the year touring Europe and the world both with Renaissance and on my own. I returned to take time off for nearly two years after the Lostep GU tour in 2006.

On a DJ front, what’s your equipment of choice?
CDJ1000s and Pioneer 800.

Any particular record you’re looking forward to dusting off at Substance?
My swag is getting dusted off, and its going be one hell of an hour. All will be revealed on the night!

Luke Chable ~ Rooftop Education!

by J-Slyde

Not familiar with the brilliance that is Luke Chable? Well, we here at Substance Sounds felt that we’d get everyone educated on his music and try to illustrate why we’re so freakin’ amped to have him down at our next Rooftop Day Party. Below we’ve included some of our favorite tracks, colabs and remixes the man has done over the years – they give a great snapshot of what he’s all about and illustrate some of his shining moments over the many years he’s been producing dance music.

He’s been responsible for some of the most unique Prog/Breaks tracks the electronic music scene has ever seen, let alone locally, and although mainly known in underground circles in and around Melbourne, he’s well in demand overseas. We here at Substance find it quite strange that such a talented local producer can go under so many people’s radars, so we felt bringing his music to the masses was the right thing to do. Trust us, your ears will be thankful. Get educated!!


One of Luke’s first solo excursions, this was signed to Bedrock Breaks and track listed by many of the world’s biggest DJs. Lush flowing break-beat orientated beats that ooze warmth and take you to another place.


Teaming up with Danny Bonnici of NuBreed fame, the boys delivered one of the biggest breaks/prog crossovers of the decade. This one put Luke on the map, and for good reason.


A track that garnered play listing by many a trance DJ (weirdly enough) and was included on Paul Van Dyk’s PoD2, this is a great example of Luke’s ability to utterly transform music into his own. Chunky attitude driven prog with one of the largest build ups you’ll ever hear.


One of his earlier remixes, Luke turns this progressive number into a balls-out prog breaks hybrid. Emotional yet full of attitude.


Stepping up again to the remix plate, Luke lends his touch to rework Sasha’s ‘Cloud Cuckoo’ into a big-room prog-house monster.


Hailed as one of Luke’s crowning achievements, this is music from another world. Taking no notes from the original whatsoever, Luke threw the remixing rule-book out the window and transformed it into his own. This is music that makes you feel proud of being Australian 🙂


Hopefully we’ve been able to convert some of the uneducated heads out there! So if you like what you’ve heard, or are already a fan, mark October 16th in your diaries. Cause come midday, shit will be ON!
Full info on the event HERE.

Mixed Substance ~ Set Times

by J-Slyde

Mixed SubstanceSet times for Mixed Substance @ Brown Alley on Friday September 24th, have been finalised. Looking to be one SHIT HOT night!
Please take note that there will be a 3am lock-out, so ensure you leave enough time to get up those stairs 🙂

10.00 Mouka
11.00 Simon Murphy
12.00 Tahl
01.00 Daniel Farley (DJ)
02.00 J-Slyde
03.00 Muska
04.30 Taran M
05.30 Tavish

10:00 Kodiak Kid
12:00 Fergus
01:00 Craig Pringle
02:00 Tavish
03:00 Rich Ok
04:00 Shift Sly vs JD
05:00 DiiSTORTiiON
06:00 – RECOVERY Daniel Farley

R.I.P Substance Forum

by J-Slyde

As a few are already aware, late last week we shut the doors on the Substance Forum. Over the past few months traffic and posts had died down to a minimum, so we saw no point in keeping it online. We here at Substance HQ would like to take this chance to thank all that contributed and forum’d over the past few years whilst it was active. Many a heated discussion was had, along with countless laughs and hilarious posts (can anyone say “Naz fail”?). So we thought it was fitting to throw some massive props out to all who shared some time with us on the forum – it was definitely a memorable experience and a time im sure many will come to remember fondly in the years to come.

Dont stress tho, our web presence will continue via this website, Facebook and Twitter. As most would’ve noticed, the website is now fully functional with commenting features, so if you feel the need to get some discussion going, comment away!

Feel free to reminisce with us by sharing your favorite forum moments. We might look at posting up a list of some of the favs later down the track.

Here’s a list of the top 15 posters as of closing. Needless to say its obvious that the forum was well loved. 😉

01. J0rdz 5580
02. XcileD 5051
03. moomoo 4867
04. Claire 4837
05. Holz82 4297
06. Knackers 4221
07. -Bo- 4104
08. finch 2959
09. bec.f 2462
10 Vez 1829
11. kosti 1696
12. Danza 1164
13. jaz 730
14. leejay83 704
15. CaSsBoP 684

Thanks again to everyone who was apart of the action 🙂