Important ‘Nosis News

by J-Slyde

It is with mixed emotions that we share the following update: After 5+ years calling Loop our home, Prognosis will no longer be held at the venue. Long story short, the venue has fallen victim to city dwellers and their misguided mission to silence the very music venues that helped make Melbourne the vibrant cultural hub it is today.

When we started Loop we had a fairly clear vision but no idea whether others would embrace what we were offering. We wanted to shine a spotlight on local legends who inspired us musically, carefully crafting line ups and set times that encouraged creative expression through sound. This of course, was accompanied by fully immersive visual wizardry from some of Australia’s best.

To our genuine surprise, the Prognosis brand fairly rapidly cemented a solid legion of like-minded punters that have filled Loop at each and every event. The passionate dance floor devotees that have supported us along this amazing journey are the reason we have continued to run events.

Loop has been an amazing supporter of electronic music, offering crews like ours the chance to grow and thrive. The unique space provides a blank audio visual canvas for creatives to turn ideas into reality and we have loved hosting events there.

We would like to thank every single punter, DJ, live act, VJ, staff member that has ever attended or been involved with Nosis over the years. Whilst there are far too many to name, the contributions of all are eternally appreciated. You helped make our humble little event magical.

So what does this mean for Prognosis?

In the short term, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with our close-knit family of crews with whom we are blessed to work with on a regular basis. Stay tuned for some announcements soon. In the long term, we are on the lookout for opportunities to colloborate and potentially for a new home. If you know of a venue that you think may fit our sound, crowd and vision, please get in touch.

So what does this mean for Loop?

They’re in quite an unfortunate position in regards to sound which means fairly significant changes to their booking schedule. Whilst adding further soundproofing may help keep the peace with neighbours, the venue will no longer be able to host events like ours. This does present new opportunities for crews pushing different ideas or genres that aren’t as heavy on the electronic music tip. If this is you, hit them up.

Once again, we thank every single person who has supported us over the years. We are humbled, blessed and inspired by the incredible times we have shared. See you all soon!

As a chance to reflect on the past 5 amazing years, below we’ve put together Soundcloud set lists of a selection of our live recordings and official Promo Mixes. Listening through all of these have brought back some beautiful memories. Memories we hope that you were able to share with us. Memories we look forward to replicating in the not-too-distant future.

J-Slyde & Simon Murphy

Prognosis Crowd Shot

Enter The Void: Loop launches new state-of-the-art sound system

by Simon Murphy
Void Acoustics

Void Acoustics Air Motion Array

Audiophiles, tune selectors, dance floor enthusiasts and weekend warriors rejoice… Our favourite lil club has invested in some serious auditory artillery and it sounds amaaaaazing!

As far as audio systems go, there are favourites across the globe that always spring up in people’s minds. Brands like Funktion One have become (rave) household names and big systems with big sound enchant all whom cross their paths. Whilst the average punter just wants it to be loud, all those in the know understand that the real magic being done when the system is tuned perfectly to suit the venue for which it is installed. With this in mind, the lovely folk at Loop went speaker shopping and when they surveyed their options there was only one that would perfect the sound at their venue, Void Acoustics.

Void’s globally renowned sound systems, with their distinctive red speakers, are currently installed at electronic institutions like Ibiza’s DC10. High-end systems engineered to not only fill the space but also to never compromise on sound quality. The installation at Loop has come about through extensive planning and testing which will mean that the volume will increase as the arrangement holds the sound where it needs to be… on the dance floor.

J-Slyde and Simon Murphy were invited down to the launch of the system and took their Mahala pal Dave Juric along to see just how good it sounded. All agreed that there is a remarkable difference and each of the lads was licking their lips at the chance to play some tunes on the new system. The sound is crisp, clear and with further improvements already planned, it’s only going to get better.

Luckily for us this Saturday plays host to our debut on the new system as we welcome Melbourne legend Phil K for the feature set of the evening. Mish’Chief and Sebastian Wild round out the guests lineup with the usual Prognosis residents, J-Slyde, Simon Murphy and Aaron Static, in tow, along with vdmo Kstati providing mind-bending visuals for the duration. The team are ready to give the new sound system one serious working, so make sure you come down this weekend to experience the amazing sound in person.

Prognosis joins Fourcolours: The Prelude Announced!

by J-Slyde

Fourcolours The Prelude Eflyer

We’re extremely excited to announce that our Prognosis team will join the hugely talented Fourcolours krew to feature in their upcoming run of events for the year.

First event off the rank is The Prelude on Easter Sunday, April 5th, which see’s the official launch of this years Fourcolours journey. Headlining the event will be Eelke Klein, Sesto Sento and Vini Vici whilst Prognosis support will be handled by J-Slyde, Simon Murphy, Dave Juric and Alex Butler. Joining them will be a massive contingent of Melbourne’s finest DJs and producers that are set to cover everything from progressive house through to banging techno and psy trance.

Running from the mid-arvo and well into the late of night, what you can expect is a mind-bending shindig of the highest caliber, offering upfront visuals, some of the most amazing decore you’ll see grace a nightclub, and electronic music at a global level. To say we’re excited about being apart of it all would be one heavy understatement!

Tickets can be secured online here.

Further information on the event can be found here.

J-Slyde & Simon Murphy to mix For The Record’s first compilation!

by J-Slyde

ftr-logoJ-Slyde and Simon Murphy have been commissioned to mix For The Record’s first mix compilation! Long-time friends both on the dance-floor and off, FTR have been involved with us for quite some time – whether it be through their unwavering support of our events through to the inclusion of their music in our DJ’s sets, they’ve help play a large part in helping make us what we are today. Closely following their label since its inception several years ago, Simon and Jordz have been keen supporters of the music that they’ve been pushing – with quite a number of their releases finding a home in their respective CD wallets. Needless to say both the boys were overjoyed when they were invited to be apart of the project. Jumping at the opportunity and wasting no time both have been hard at work sifting through FTR’s comprehensive back-catalog and compiling a short list of music and amassing ideas.

Always keen to support new talent, FTR and the boys are now taking submissions of new music for possible inclusion on the compilation. Whether you’re an unsigned bedroom banger, or an already established artist, we’d very much like to hear from you! Both Simon and Jordz are super keen to include a vast array of different music on the mix and are hoping to showcase as much local talent as possible in the process.

So if you think you have what it takes, head on over to FTR’s website to submit a demo! Submissions close June 1st, so ensure you get your ass into gear ASAP! We’ve heard from a good source that the early workings of the compilation are already underway, so don’t sleep!


Emotions on Innervisions Radio

by J-Slyde

Innervisions RadioHot on the heels of their Frisky Loves Australia showcase mixes, Murphy and J are back at it again, this time featuring on Emotions on Innervisions Radio in the UK. Invited by host and all round fantastic gal, Deanna Avra, the boys were simply asked to put together an hour long mix. With no genre restraints the boys went to town, and offered up mixes covering a whole heap of electronic ground. Murphy’s mix pitches tent in the more down tempo camp, covering his unique style of emotive melodic techno, whilst J’s hits peak with a dance-floor orientated vibe. Both mixes do extremely well in illustrating the boys differing styles. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!


01. Habersham – Song Of The Lizard (Original Mix)
02. Rodskeez – Jungle Tonic (Orignal Mix)
03. PQM – You Are Sleeping (Nick Robson Remix)
04. Sasha – Magnetic North (Nick Stoynoff Bootleg)
05. Dousk and Andree Eskay – Ironee (Original Mix)
06. Pablo Acenso – In Bold Letters (Original Mix)
07. Dousk – Winchyme (Nikko.Z Remix)
08. Soulfire – Echo Effect (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)
09. Cid Inc – Divine (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile)
10. Deepfunk – Upon A Lilac Sea (Original)

Simon Murphy

01. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2 (Max Cooper Remix)
02. Douglas Greed – Shiver (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
03. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Tristesse (Original Mix)
04. Asten – Borealis (Microtrauma’s Lost in Space Mix)
05. Ryan Davis – Eyes Wide Open (Original Mix)
06. Mictrotrauma – Juno (Original Mix)
07. Mononoid – Protoplasm (Original Mix)
08. Ryan Davis – Entangled Lives (Original Mix)
09. Max Cooper – Micron (Original Mix)
10. Mooryc – Turn Left (Douglas Greed From Here to Poznan Remix)


Thats it thats all… for more than awhile

by Taran M

After just under 10 years behind the decks, countless genres explored and so many amazing parties I’m officially hanging up my full time DJ/ Promoters hat. I have had an amazing time all through my career, especially the last 4 years but for me, my interest in dance music has fallen by the wayside. I’m not going to do the cliché rant of “The music has changed or the people have changed.” Cause the music has progressed and I haven’t and I’m cool with that. For a long time now the whole events thing has been a bit taxing, especially having to balance workloads and my ambition to progress “At the moment” just isn’t there, well not in the DJ sphere/ club sphere anyway. When I first came up with the idea for Substance I was living up in Sydney after an intense three years spinning in the hard trance scene and after hustling up Jordz, Rich and Simon to join me and sharing the idea, it became clear it was always going to be for the fun. Unfortunately it really isn’t now, for me anyway.

I’ll still be involved with Substance behind the scenes. Doing the write up’s and articles, as one of my main reasons for finishing up is to focus more in my writing, both articles and music (mouka first project is the Confide!). I may even pop in and play a cheeky set once every six/ twelve months. I’m hoping to play a couple of sets as farewell’s so will keep everyone posted.

There are a few thank you’s I’d like to put out there for the last 10 years. First of all Andrew Golden, Garth Lategan and Kane Liistro. Andy without your help I would never have become a resident at all of the club’s I held residencies at especially Kandy back in the day, I always loved Elevation and ETB and thank you for the lessons, skills learnt.  Kane thank you soooo much for the support when I was first starting out, you landed me my first ever gig and I’ll be eternally thankful. Garth, you to promoted me and helped me get my name back in the day, what you used to do made so many people happy be it DJ’s, punters or the people that worked for you.  My old manager Grant, thank you for all the promotion back in the day, especially the Online and Onboard parties.

Luke @ 3D thank you so much for all of those gig’s starting out,  my first club gigs were amazing, especially the main room sets, the experience I learned from your venue was invaluable. Scotty and Kelsta…OMG the best year of my life was playing at Billboards and I have nothing but love for the both of you for the main room love @ both billboards and RMH whilst being a resident there, GK and Kryal were epic fun! Finally in the early years, Brendan AKA “ Soul-T” dude you got rocks!  Your an amazing promoter and back in the day a real mentor to me, nothing but respect for you.

Finally current day! Massive thank you to Jordz, Rich, Mouka, Simon and all of the guests (well not all of them, to be quite frank a couple of guests we have had fall under the word C$%t. You know who you are, actually you probably don’t!) that have played for us for kicking the dream with me at Substance. Thanks for the awesome memories and times, be it Soft belly, Highlander or the Terminus. I want to personally thank Jordz for really turning my half baked Idea into a reality, without you I doubt it would still be kicking the goals it is. I look forward to seeing the revolution continue from the back seat. Importantly all of my friends and my mum and dad who have supported my music at any stage, Thank you so much for all of the good times.

Rockin it!

Taran M