Shiloh & Chable live recordings!

by J-Slyde

Shiloh and Luke Chable @ Brown Alley - August 12thCertainly took our time, but good things come to those who wait, don’t they?! Here they are, in all their progtastic glory – complete live recordings from our Shiloh/Chable gig!

The guys down at were also nice enough to host Shiloh & Chable’s set. Their loyal supporter base are currently piecing the track listing together, so make sure you head over if you need any track IDs!

All sets are offered up at 320kbps quality and are available as recorded on the night – no edits, re-recordings or adjustments. Enjoy!



10:00 – 11:00 Simon Murphy


11:00 – 12:00 J-Slyde


12:00 – 01:00 Steve May



01:00 – 04:00 Shiloh & Luke Chable



04:00 – 05:00 Jules Plees



Prognosis ~ June Live Recordings

by J-Slyde

Prognosis JuneThe June installment of Prognosis saw the Substance krew back at Loop. Belting out beats from 10pm till stumps at 5am, the place was packed to capacity with smiling faces all round. Every DJ brought their A-game, showing off their skills behind the decks whilst offering up some of the most upfront electronic music going round. Was fantastic to see such great support for the Progressive sounds that we’ve been pushing. Many thanks to all those who made it down!

Downloads from the night are listed below.
None of the recordings have been edited or mastered and are provided as they were played live on the night. All files are 320kbps MP3s.

01. 16 bit lolita’s – Nobody Seem’s To Care [Anjunadeep]
02. Da Funk – Weekend Rubdown (Jaytech & James Grant Respray Mix) [Anjunadeep]
03. Jaytech – Djembe [Anjunadeep]
04. Danny Loko – Coastal (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Anjunadeep]
05. Darin Epsilon & Paronator – Esperanto [Perspectives Digital]
06. Panoptic feat Jay Lumen – Surface Reborn (Ormatie Remix) [Baroque Records]
07. Medway & Luke Porter – RTFM (Shiloh Unreleased Remix) [microCastle]
08. 16 Bit Lolita’s – 4v2 [Anjunadeep]
09. Humate – Love Stimulation (Tom Middleton Remix) [Grand Casino Records]
010. Shiloh – Landmine Hopscotch (Soundprank ‘Aperture’ Mix) [Proton Music]
11. Spooky – Belong (Sasha Remix – Prankster Edit) [Anjunadeep]
12. Paul Keeley – Relic [Anjunadeep]

Jules Plees
01. Poison Pro feat Miusha – Alien {Proton}
02. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Cripsis (Quivver Remix) {Sudbeat}
03. Trim the Fat – Words {Baroque}
04. AlterImage – The Wasp {AlterImage}
05. Derek Howell – Weightless (Ad Brown Remix) {CDR}
06. MiracleBlue feat. Minnette – Chance (Matrick Remix) {Indigo}
07. Domy Castellano – Clouds {MistiqueDigital}
08. Deslaye – Hot Chicks {Baroque}
09. Ad Brown – Marimba (Urban Breathe Remix) {Perspectives}
10. Humate – Love Stimulation (Glenn Morrison Remix) {Grand Casino}
11. Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (Tom Middleton Remix) {AnjunaDeep}

Timothy Allan
01. Mory Kante vs. Loverush UK! – Yeke Yeke (Timothy Allan Remix)
02. Made By Monkeys & Rossko – Euphoria (Timothy Allan Remix)
03. Kassey Voorn, Pete Mccarthey- Enso (Egostereo Remix)
04. Audiofly & Alex Flitsc – Long Way To Go (Pele Remix)
05. TA’s Space Manoeuvres Mashup
06. Dirty Cover – Diskotecha (Responz Remix)
07. Wally Lopez and Richard Dinsdale – Shamba (Sidebum and Redondo Remix)
08. Pablo Cahn – Elle (Original Mix)
09. Tetchy – Bring It Back
10. OTP – Out Of Phase (Original Mix)
11. Timothy Allan – Bring it Back
12. Ovidi Adlert Alan Leal – Mechanical Speech (Oscar Akagy Remix)

Simon Murphy
01 Pig & Dan – Tears of a clown (Max Cooper Expanded Remix)
02 Oliver Schories – Black Rain (Original Mix)
03 Sistema – Lenceria Barata (Dosem Remix)
04 Takt Tick – July Rain (Solee Remix)
05 Morris Cowan – Cavern Jive (Microtrauma Remix)
06 Emok – Tokyo Slickers (D-Formation Remix)
07 Secret Cinema & Egbert – Topaz
08 Spektre & Miniminds – Guillotine (Christian Smith Remix)
09 Kassey Voorn – Neptune (Cid Inc Remix)
10 A. Balter & Eitan Reiter – Sunny Afternoon
11 Ryan Davis – Supernova (Microtrauma Remix)
12 Flippers & DJ Slater ft U-Prag – Virus (Fiord Remix)
13 Dibby Dougherty & Dave Young – Hydra Island (Cid Inc Remix)
14 Blaues Licht – Subsoil (Microtrauma Remix)
15 Guy J – Heliscope (Egbert Remix)
16 Weekend Heroes – Supernova (Magitman Remix)

TL / NA. Tooooo lazy. Shazam that shit!

Aaron Static – (withheld due to licensing issues)


Next Prognosis is set for Sat, August 20th featuring Dean Millson (Pretty Simple / Private Function), Travis Lucas (QLD / Involved), Dan Mada (QLD / Involved), Aaron Static, Simon Murphy and J-Slyde. Stay tuned for further details!


Prognosis Promo 3 ~ Mixed by Aaron Static

by J-Slyde

in preparation for our June 18th event at Loop, Aaron Static has stepped up to mix the third installment in our Prognosis Promo series. It perfectly sums up the style of Prog he’s been pushing at our events and is chock full of exclusive unreleased tracks and a storming remix by the man himself. Put simply, it is without a doubt some of the best Prog we have heard in a very long time. As usual it is available for free download for all our loyal supporters. Something to get you in the mood for June 18th!

Prognosis Promo 3 Artwork


01. Suke8 – Ancestros (Prema Van Smuuf Remix) [Indigo]
02. Arnold From Mumbai – Glitchy Bitch (Vipul Remix) [Dazzle On]
03. Ad Brown – Singapore Sling (Eitan Carmi Remix) [Indigo]
04. Luke Mandala – Angelic Uplift [Lohit]
05. 21street – Spirit Of The Streets (Steve Haines Remix) [Spherax]
06. Stanisha – Parallel Midnight (LoQuai Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
07. Oliver Morgenroth – Care (Lemon8 Rework) [Hyline]
08. Ad Brown – Elevator (Soundprank Remix) [Indigo]
09. MiracleBlue feat. Minette – Chance (Matan Caspi Remix) [Indigo]
10. Teana & Tiida – Coral Reef (James Warren Remix) [Spring Tube]
11. Dave Shtorn – Magic Moments (Aaron Static Remix) [Indigo]


Direct Download


Prognosis Promo 2 ~ Mixed by Simon Murphy

by J-Slyde

Mixed in preparation of our April Prognosis event, and running hot off the heels of the first Prognosis Promo Mix, Simon Murphy, resident and all round nice guy, has offered up his skills and taken the reigns for our second offering. Covering Simon’s unique take on Melodic Techno and Tech-House, it’s an 80 minute journey that delves deep into the forward thinking music Simon has been pushing at our events. Available as a free download to all our loyal supporters!

Prognosis Promo 2

01.Max Cooper – Solice (Original Mix)
02.Max Cooper – Heresy (Dosem Remix)
03.Ryan Davis – My White Zebra
04.Andrew K – The Doppler Effect (Max Cooper Remix)
05.Microtrauma – Contrast
06.Oliver Schories – Wildfang (Original Mix)
07.Alex Dolby – City Shark (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)
08.Thomas Bjerring & David Skog – Ice (Microtrauma Remix)
09.Beatamines – Diamond Girl (Microtrauma Remix)
10.Jim Rivers – Black Keys (Cid Inc. Remix)
11.Solee – Ice
12.Max Cooper – Enveloped (Ryan Davis Remix)
13.Guy J – Azimuth (Original Mix)


Direct Download

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Prognosis Live Recordings

by J-Slyde

In the lead up to our third Prognosis event, which is set for April 16th @ LOOP – we thought we’d release a couple of the sets which were recorded live at our last two events. Unfortunately only a handful of the sets were able to be recorded due to technical difficulties, *cough* flat batteries *cough*, but those that were are well worth the listen!

All links are direct MP3 files – simply right click and save target as to download.
Please note that these are raw recordings and as such have not been mastered or edited in any way, shape or form. What you hear is what was played live on the night!


recoil – Live @ Prognosis Feb 2011
Aaron Static – Live @ Prognosis Feb 2011
J-Slyde – Live @ Prognosis Feb 2011


Simon Murphy – Live @ Prognosis March 2011
J-Slyde – Live @ Prognosis March 2011
Aaron Static – Live @ Prognosis March 2011
Darko – Live @ Prognosis March 2011



Prognosis Promo 01 ~ Mixed by: J-Slyde

by J-Slyde

Mixed in preparation for Prognosis’ second outing at Loop Bar on March 19th, J-Slyde offered up his skills to record a 2 hour mix compiling the many sounds of Prognosis. A journey that travels a gamut of styles and genres centered around Progressive and Techno music, this is a perfect taster of what you can expect from the sound system at Prognosis on any given night.

Prognosis Promo Cover

Direct Download

Duration: 117.31 minutes
Size: 268MB
Quality: 320KBPS MP3

01. Guy J – Easy As Can Be (Original Mix)
02. Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin – Atlas(Gui Boratto Remix)
03. Oxia & Eric Borgo – Late Variations
04. Gorge – Humming Fireflies
05. Robbie Lowe – Real Time (Original Mix)
06. Exoplanet – Shepherd Of Consciousness (Moonbeam Remix)
07. Shiftone – The Roots (Original Mix)
08. Lior Lehav – Oh Boy (Original Mix)
09. Bed Rock – Emerald (Henry Saiz Remix)
10. Barry Jamieson & Charlie May – Homecoming (Sasha & Dimitri Nakov Remix)
11. Anthony Rother – Man Up That Hill (Gui Boratto Remix)
12. Alessandro Diga – Meltdown (Original Mix)
13. Microtrauma – Contrast (Max Cooper Remix)
14. Ripperton – Farra (Deetron Edit)
15. Microtrauma – Saturation (Ryan Davis Remix)
16. Radio Head – Everything… (Andi Müllers Looong Mix)
17. Way Out West – Surrender (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
18. Nic Chagall ft Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Moment (Prog Mix)
19. Mossy – Some Day (Original Mix)
20. Way Out West – We Love Machine (Jaytech Remix)
21. Hybrid – Disappear Here (Maor Levi Revealed Mix)