2nd Bday Winners Announced!

And without further ado, here are the winners to the 2nd Birthday Comp! Each lucky winner will receive a double pass to our 2nd Bday – THIS SATURDAY – APRIL 24TH!


I think a nice intimate show with all of my favourite singers/artists, i believe the list would be something like this:
John Farnham
Elton John
4 african kids hitting drums with sticks
boy george
Some homeless guy playing a pvc pipe didgeridoo
id add some more but my fav enya song just came on so gotta run πŸ™‚


No money restrictions you say?
I would start out by buying a beautiful tropical island and build the ultimate partying facility in advance, including permanent bar staff that know how to make any concoction of drink, massive sound systems in the facility and along the beach – which would obviously be crystal clear blue water, only the best kind! DJ’s and live music would be varied and different styles of music played on different parts of the island.
There would be plentiful amounts of alcohol, food (world class chefs), entertainment, and anything else one would want. How would we get there? On a private 2 day boat cruise, listening to ultimate summer beats in the impeccable weather, lazing around on lounges and having the time of our lives. Everyone would be welcome, and 2 cruisers would be bought if necessary.
Fuck yeah.

Dave Juricevich

perfect bday?
Brown Alley Restaurant
9-11 Dave Juric
11- 1 Digweed
1-2.30 Nubreed (old school set)
2.30 – 5.30 James Zabiela
5.30 – cl Phil K
Open Bar all night
Steve Sunny to deck the place out ala Sunny circa 2004
No plasma’s
throw in a few lazors
kick on in the garden bar from 9am with Phil, Zabs and Me doin vs till midday πŸ˜€


3 things all at once…
1- friends
2- trip to the moon
3- aceid.
nuff said!

Felix Tyler

I would start the day off with a MASSIVE pancake breakfast for everyone attending. Which would be followed by a whole day of all my favourite punk and rock bands(BDO styles) which would then be followed by all my favorite DJ’s(Rave Styles). Double festival for a full 24 hours. And everyone would be welcome.

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